How To Measure Your Hips

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How To Measure Your Hips
How To Measure Your Hips

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To choose the right clothes or sew them, you need to take your measurements correctly. The size of such clothes as skirts, trousers, dresses is determined depending on various parameters, including the hip girth. How can you measure it correctly?

How to measure your hips
How to measure your hips


Step 1

First, strip down to your underwear. It is also better to remove nylon tights, as they have a slimming effect. However, if, for example, you plan to wear a skirt exclusively on nylon tights, it makes sense to measure in them. Measurements are made with a measuring tape along the most prominent points of the buttocks. Do not repeat the mistakes of those who measure the girth of the hips along the breeches or protruding bones.

Step 2

If you have a protruding belly, measure with the protrusion in mind. To do this, use a flexible plate attached to the abdomen and down to the thighs. The abdominal protrusion is especially important to consider if you are going to buy or order a one-piece suit.

Step 3

For tailoring purposes, the measurement result is denoted by the abbreviation OB, for example, OB 98 or expressed in half size and denoted PoB (half girth of the hips). So, the same measurement result can be expressed as OB98 and as PHB49.

Step 4

If you are planning to buy foreign-made clothing, it is possible that you will have to convert centimeters to another measure of length: measurements of clothes from American manufacturers are most often expressed in inches (inch). 1 inch fits 2.54cm. Also use the following table for converting centimeters to inches:

1mm = 0.0397inch

1cm = 0.397inch

1 m = 39.37 inches

In writing, inches are indicated by an apostrophe: 0, 0397 '; 39, 37 ', etc.

Step 5

In the event that it is necessary to measure the girth of the hips, and there is no measuring tape at hand, take the measurement with any tape or rope. To do this, grab your thighs with a tape (rope) along the most protruding points of the buttocks and notice on the tape (rope) the place that corresponds to the measurement. You can make a stitch in this place with colored thread or tie a knot. Then the tape (rope) can be attached to a wooden meter or tape measure and thus find out the measurement in numerical terms.

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