How To Remove The Upper Belly

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How To Remove The Upper Belly
How To Remove The Upper Belly

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How much anxiety for the fairer sex is caused by excessive volumes in the abdomen. They are especially worried when ugly fat folds hang over their jeans. But this is not a global problem. To get rid of the hated "upper" belly, there are several methods.

How to remove the upper belly
How to remove the upper belly

It is necessary

corrective underwear, hoop


Step 1

Eat small but frequent meals. A balanced diet is the key to slimness and health. Even the toughest workouts will not be able to give the desired effect without it. The main principle of nutrition should not be to reduce the quality of food and the types of foods consumed, but to increase the number of meals and reduce the volume of portions. It is important to remember that a lack of vitamins and minerals will negatively affect your health. You definitely need to give up junk food - hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, dishes offered in restaurants and fast food cafes.

Step 2

Do specific exercises. There are several sets of exercises to eliminate fat deposits in the upper abdomen. For example, the most common way is to swing the press from a prone position. To complicate the exercise, you can use an inclined board, which is attached to the sofa or to the wall bars. In this case, the legs are located above the head and more effort is required to raise the body.

Step 3

Use shapewear. You can buy a slimming corset or a combination in specialty stores. These devices will help to "remove" the stomach when using them. If you wear them every day, after a while, keeping your belly "to yourself" will become a habit.

Step 4

Use the hoop. The twisting of the hoop at the waist cannot be called an exercise that directly removes the "upper" belly. But this activity gets rid of fat deposits in the abdominal area by training its muscles. Accordingly, the ugly folds of the abdomen will "go away." By the way, it is the hoop that will prevent the appearance of flabby and stretched skin after losing weight.

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