How To Remove A Strip On The Belly

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How To Remove A Strip On The Belly
How To Remove A Strip On The Belly
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In the last months of pregnancy, many women notice the appearance of a brownish stripe on their belly, which, as it were, divides it in half. It can be either barely noticeable or rather dark and individual for every woman. There is nothing wrong with this, the appearance of a strip is a consequence of increased pigmentation of the skin of a pregnant woman.

How to remove a strip on the belly
How to remove a strip on the belly

It is necessary

  • - peeling for sensitive skin,
  • - remedies for stretch marks,
  • - a decoction of chamomile,
  • - lemon juice,
  • - natural sponge,
  • - cottage cheese,
  • - milk,
  • - linden decoction,
  • - cucumber.


Step 1

Don't rush things! Pigmentation of pregnant women is a temporary process associated with a change in the hormonal background of a woman during the gestation process. After childbirth, the hormonal background is gradually restored, and, therefore, the pigmentation also becomes paler. Normally, in women, the skin color returns to its original state within a year, but when exactly - for each individual. Please be patient and just wait. While breastfeeding, the use of many products can cause allergies in the baby, so just watch your own condition and note the changes.

Step 2

The skin in the area of ​​the strip also differs from the rest of the areas in its structure. Use gentle peels designed for the most sensitive skin, or even better, rub with a natural loofah. After showering, be sure to continue using your stretch mark remedies. On the skin in the area of ​​the hated strip, they act more than favorably. If possible and the state of health allows, go to the sauna and arrange yourself a few sessions of honey peeling or lightening wraps. The skin after such procedures will become soft and silky, and the strip will become almost invisible.

Step 3

If you do not have very sensitive skin, you can use brightening masks made from lemon juice, cucumber, or low-fat cottage cheese. Decoctions of chamomile and linden have a beneficial effect on the skin in the area of ​​the strip. They add extra softness and brighten. But be careful! During breastfeeding, such experiments can cause severe allergies in the baby.

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