How To Enlarge Breasts After Childbirth

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How To Enlarge Breasts After Childbirth
How To Enlarge Breasts After Childbirth

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Not all women manage to maintain attractive elastic breasts after prolonged feeding of the baby. However, there are several ways to help you get curvy after childbirth.

How to enlarge breasts after childbirth
How to enlarge breasts after childbirth


Step 1

Take care of your breasts during pregnancy. Massage your breasts daily. Wear a natural bra with underwire, plates, and other inserts.

Step 2

Do gymnastic exercises for nursing mothers on a regular basis, which will strengthen the muscles of the breasts and keep them in constant tone. The simplest and most effective ones are as follows:

- in a standing position, make a ring with your hands at chest level, vertically join your palms and actively squeeze them for some time;

- standing facing the wall, for several minutes press with your hands (at shoulder level) on the wall, as if trying to move it;

- in a standing position, perform regular jerks with your hands for 3-5 minutes.

Please note that these activities are best done in the morning, before breakfast.

Step 3

A positive and long-term effect is obtained by lifting the mammary glands in a beauty salon. The procedure includes the use of various masks and baths with elements of marine products, as well as the use of vacuum vibrating massagers.

Step 4

After the lactation period, the elasticity and firmness of the breast skin will be given by regular washing of the mammary glands with a decoction of green tea, chamomile, mint and rose hips. Wash your breasts, simultaneously massaging them with your fingertips in a circle, then take a contrast shower to consolidate the effect.

Step 5

Gradually increase your level of physical activity. Swimming lessons, exercises with dumbbells and on simulators, aimed at tightening the muscles of the back and mammary glands, are useful.

Step 6

Contact a plastic surgeon after undergoing a complete examination. However, during and after such an operation, there is a rather high risk of complications, so this method should be used as a last resort.

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