How To Enhance Your Tan

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How To Enhance Your Tan
How To Enhance Your Tan

Video: How To Enhance Your Tan

Video: How To Enhance Your Tan
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Those who like to lie in the sun are not always happy with the result. Sunburn can lie unevenly, or not "stick" at all. There are many ways to enhance your golden skin tone, knowing a few of them can give you a strong, even tan that will delight you in a dull fall.

How to enhance your tan
How to enhance your tan


Step 1

Consume vitamins A and E

They help the skin to attract the sun's rays and get a strong tan. In this case, it is not at all necessary to drink vitamins in capsules. The source of vitamin A is carrots. Drink carrot juice, eat raw carrots - preferably daily. The beta-carotene contained in it helps the tan to "adhere" to the skin. When you eat carrots, your tan will surprise not only those around you, but yourself as well.

Vitamin E can be obtained from fish oil, which should be taken a week before the start of the tanning period.

Step 2

Sunbathe near the water

To enhance your tan, sit by the water - the sun's rays are reflected from the water surface and thus you will receive a double dose. Despite the desire to get a strong tan, use protective creams with a factor of at least 4. The sun is the strongest source of harm to the skin, the cause of premature aging and the development of skin cancer. Therefore, always remember to protect yourself, avoid sunbathing during lunch hours. Morning is the most favorable period for tanning.

Step 3

Use special oils to enhance tanning

They contain the same vitamins A and E that act on the outside of the skin. Plus, the sheen that the skin gains after using the oil also attracts the sun's rays.

Step 4

To preserve the acquired tan, use preparations specially created for this.

After sun creams will moisturize your sun-tired skin, relieve inflammation from burns and keep your tan for a long time.