How To Get Rid Of Bad Body Odor

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How To Get Rid Of Bad Body Odor
How To Get Rid Of Bad Body Odor

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Bad body odor causes sweat and bacteria. We cannot completely eliminate the production of sweat, because we need to sweat. Thus, the body gets rid of harmful substances. However, it is necessary to fight bacteria, since there are many ways to fight.

How to get rid of bad body odor
How to get rid of bad body odor

It is necessary

polyvidone-iodine, deodorant, chlorophyll, nuts, vegetables, fruits, water, kombucha


Step 1

Any highly active antibacterial agent, such as polyvidone-iodine, is an effective remedy against strong body odor. Apply to underarms and groin areas. Rinse thoroughly. The drug is powerful, so be careful not to get it on other areas of your skin. In addition, it dries the skin a lot.

Step 2

Use antiperspirant deodorants regularly. Thanks to their effect, sweat production is reduced and the number of harmful bacteria is reduced. Of course, deodorants help eliminate sweat odor, but the problem of perspiration still remains.

Step 3

Chlorophyll can be used as an internal deodorant. This effective substance will quickly get rid of unpleasant body odor. However, if you are not a fan of dietary supplements, eat more kale, spinach, and other green leafy crops.

Step 4

Bad body odor usually occurs when a large amount of toxins accumulate in the body. In this case, detoxification is necessary. Start eating right. Focus on nuts, raw vegetables and fruits. Eat only vegetables twice a week. In this case, do not forget to regularly take water treatments.

Step 5

Increase your water intake. And add lemon juice to the water. Lemon is known to be the best natural deodorant and purifier.

Step 6

You can get rid of the unpleasant odor from the legs and armpits with the help of infusion of kombucha Take a shower. Moisten a cloth with infusion of kombucha and wipe all the necessary areas. The smell of sweat will become less noticeable, and after a month it will disappear altogether.

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