How To Quickly Lose Weight By 7 Kg In A Week

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How To Quickly Lose Weight By 7 Kg In A Week
How To Quickly Lose Weight By 7 Kg In A Week
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People suffering from obesity are often interested in how to lose 7 kg in a week and find the desired figure as quickly as possible. To achieve this, you will have to almost completely change your current lifestyle.

Find out how to lose 7 kg in a week
Find out how to lose 7 kg in a week


Step 1

Please note that only a certain type of people have the opportunity to lose 7 kg per week. Firstly, these are those whose weight significantly (by 20-30 kg) exceeds the norm characteristic of the current age and body height. Secondly, this can include people who, for whatever reason, quickly gained excess weight, although from birth they were not prone to obesity, for example, due to illness, pregnancy, taking hormonal drugs, or the emergence of a habit of constant overeating. Other groups of people will not be able to achieve such a result in a short time.

Step 2

To lose 7 kg in a week, you need to completely revise your diet and nutrition schedule. It is best to temporarily switch to a fruit and vegetable diet. 1-2 oranges or orange juice work well for breakfast. After 2-3 hours, eat 1-2 bananas as your second breakfast. For lunch, prepare a vegetable salad with a few fresh tomatoes and cucumbers with vegetable oil. You can add radishes, onions and herbs to taste. Eat an apple or pear for an afternoon snack. For dinner, you can prepare a fruit salad of oranges, kiwi, apples, peaches, and a low-fat yogurt bay. Such a diet will relieve the body well, remove stagnant harmful substances and significantly reduce body fat.

Step 3

It is impossible to lose 7 kg in a week without serious physical activity. If you have not previously played sports, you should prepare your body before starting a diet and exercise program. For several days, do morning and evening runs, complementing them with a little exercise to warm up and strengthen the muscles. Also, make a workout plan for the week you want to lose as much weight as possible.

Step 4

For quick weight loss, it is better to sign up for a gym. Work out on a treadmill at an average pace 1-2 times a day, trying to increase the distance and slightly increase the load daily. Exercise in the same way on an exercise bike. Use simulators for different muscle groups to tone them (it is better to train every other day). Perform at least 10-12 exercises in 3-5 sets.

Step 5

Focus on the muscles of the legs (light squats, seated leg curls and extensions), arms (dumbbell raises from various standing positions), chest (seated pulls), and back (seated pulls, hyperextensions). Pay special attention to the rectus, lower and lateral abdominal muscles, performing flexion and extension of the body in a sitting position, as well as leg raises on the bar. Exercise before sweating and burning sensation in the muscles. After each workout, take a hot shower and, if possible, attend a relaxing massage.

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