How To Make Breasts Grow

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How To Make Breasts Grow
How To Make Breasts Grow

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A thin waist, rounded hips and large high breasts are every woman's dream. And if the waist and hips can be corrected with the help of sports, then how can you make your breasts grow?

How to make breasts grow
How to make breasts grow

The mammary gland is located under the skin covering the breast. With the help of connective tissue, it is attached to the muscles of the chest. Around the mammary gland, as well as between its lobes, there is a fatty layer. It is the fat cells that make up the bulk of the breast and, accordingly, shape its size. Also, the size of the breast itself affects the size of the breast itself.

How to make breasts grow. Misconceptions

There are all sorts of myths about how to enlarge breasts "at home":

There are more cabbage. Many people believe in this misconception, but in fact, cabbage can help to enlarge breasts only partially and only in adolescence, when girls form a figure. The use of this product can affect the size only due to the fact that it contains vitamins and minerals that allow the body to develop harmoniously.

A set of physical exercises. In fact, sports are good for the body, but if you start pumping your breasts diligently, it will only increase the muscles under the mammary gland. Of course, visually, the breasts will appear at least a little, but larger. Of course, the magic results that advertising banners promise will not happen.

Creams for breast enlargement and lifting. In fact, these creams only work on the skin. They can help maintain its elasticity and firmness, but will not increase its size. Thus, various cosmetic miracles do not affect the size of the mammary glands, but undoubtedly have a positive effect on skin tone. Some remedies can help, among other things, cope with stretch marks that appear as a result of sudden weight fluctuations.

How to make breasts grow. Truth

There are breast enlargement methods that really work. True, with reservations.

Breast size increases during pregnancy and lactation. During pregnancy and lactation in women, the amount of hormones that affect the size of the mammary gland changes, and the breast itself becomes larger by size, and sometimes by two or three. However, after the end of breastfeeding, the hormonal background returns to its usual state and the size of the breast may decrease again.

Breast size increases at the same time as the amount of subcutaneous fat increases. When a woman recovers, subcutaneous fat accumulates throughout the body, including the chest. However, it should be understood that this will not solve all problems. To increase the breast by 1 size, you will have to gain about 10 kg of fat mass. Not every girl is ready to sacrifice a slender figure for the sake of increasing the bust. Especially considering that when losing weight, the breasts will again return to their original size.

The last, most effective way is implants. The implantation of implants is the only truly effective way to help enlarge the breasts or correct their shape. However, before the operation, it is worth choosing a doctor very carefully, not to save money. After all, an unsuccessful operation can lead to negative consequences. Artificial breasts require attention and it is impossible to insert implants once and for all. After 10-15 years, a mandatory shape correction will be required, which is quite expensive.

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