What Is Semenovich's Breast Size

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What Is Semenovich's Breast Size
What Is Semenovich's Breast Size

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Unfortunately or fortunately, but today in show business, it is not talent that is valued, but appearance. And for a singer, the first place may not be the voice, but the bust. This is how Anna Semenovich became famous, it is extremely difficult to call her a singer. And not so much because of her weak vocal abilities, but because of her personal positioning of herself.

What is Semenovich's breast size
What is Semenovich's breast size


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Attention to the bust of the star was riveted from her first appearance as the vocalist of the "Brilliant" group. Who does not remember, then singing in the ensemble Ksenia Novikova and Yulia Kovalchuk to this day do not differ in large breasts, and Zhanna Friske at that time had not yet acquired her famous forms. Naturally, Anna stood out favorably against the background of skinny companions. And when Semenovich decided on a solo career, she relied on a voluminous bust. And she was right.

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It was then that the fans began to be interested in the size of Anna Semenovich's breasts. In "Brilliant" the singer, according to her own words, started with a full-fledged "four". Then no one could doubt the naturalness of her bust. And Anna did not stop there. Without too much philosophizing over the lyrics and music of the songs, she continued to punch her way to the top of fame with her chest. Today Semenovich is a recognized sex symbol of the Russian stage. But even fans cannot remember her songs and roles.

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When arguments first appeared on the topic of Anna Semenovich's natural breasts or not, she, already being a star, actively argued to the press that she had inherited the bust from her mother. One could willingly believe, especially taking into account the Ukrainian roots of the singer. But, unfortunately for Anna, the same press published her photo of 1998-1999, where the chest of the then skater barely reaches the second size. Of course, the bust could grow, but still, for an 18-19-year-old girl, it was rather small. Just before the appearance in "The Brilliant", few people had heard about Anna and, naturally, were almost not interested in her breasts. And yet, disputes about the naturalness of her bust do not subside to this day.

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To date, Semenovich's breast volume reaches 108-110 cm, which corresponds to the sixth size of the bra. At the same time, the vocalist has a rather modest height - only 168 cm, and a completely normal weight - 60 kg. Why has her breasts grown so much over the past 15 years? After all, the girl has not really recovered so much over the years and has not given birth to a child. In addition, many are confused by her rather slender proportions, against which the bust looks simply huge. And after frank photo shoots, where you can see how he sticks out appetizingly, not sinking at all by his own weight, gossip on the topic of Anna Semenovich's natural breasts or not resumed with renewed vigor.

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So, the size of Anna Semenovich's breasts has reached "six" today. There are two versions of this transformation. First, Anna uses a variety of creams, vitamins and performs special exercises, thanks to which her bust grows by leaps and bounds and does not sag with age. The second and more likely one is that Semenovich regularly does plastic surgery. The press has repeatedly published materials and photographs in which the scars from operations are clearly visible under the singer's armpits.

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