How A Man Looks Younger Than His Forty-five

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How A Man Looks Younger Than His Forty-five
How A Man Looks Younger Than His Forty-five

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Today, taking care of your appearance is not unique to women. A man who is able to look young after 45 years is favored by the opposite sex.

How a man looks younger than his forty-five
How a man looks younger than his forty-five

It is much easier for a 45-year-old man to lose 10 years if he takes care of his health. It is easier for the stronger sex, since their body does not undergo age-related hormonal changes that women experience.

Healthy lifestyle

In order for a man to look 45 to 35, it is enough to give up bad habits and follow a simple regime. First of all, you should forget about cigarettes and alcohol. Alcoholic drinks spoil the complexion and cause puffiness.

A young man cannot be lethargic. For vivacity and maintaining tone, you need to make friends with sports. This can be regular, targeted workouts in the gym, regular jogging, or active hobbies - rowing, mountaineering, diving.

In addition, self-development helps a man look young after 45 years. Spirituality has a positive effect on psychological health, maintaining a love of life and a benevolent attitude towards people.

Cosmetic procedures

Whatever one may say, but without aids it is quite difficult for a man to look 45 to 35. Therefore, it is worth visiting a cosmetics store and, without hesitation, choose products for your skin type. Men definitely need a gel for washing, preferably with exfoliating particles. Another cooling cream, an anti-wrinkle eyelid serum, a colorless lip balm.

Owners of dry skin should buy a toner in a spray bottle. This product is sprayed on the face several times a day.

Charging for the face

One of the factors that prevent a man over 40 from losing 10 years is swelling and loss of facial muscle tone. In addition to a balanced diet that excludes salty, spicy and fried foods, special exercises are needed.

Respiratory complexes like yoga and body flex have a positive effect on the appearance of the skin. They help resist the effects of gravity by lifting the contours of the face.

Exercises for the face need to be done daily - in the morning and in the evening. In addition, it is necessary to monitor the drinking regime. This means not just drinking enough fluids, but doing it right. In no case should you drink water right before meals or drink food.

Stylist tips

If a man wants to look younger than his age, he must dress expensively and stylishly. Shabby jeans, frivolous T-shirts and baseball caps are best left to teens.

At 45, sports style is not prohibited, but still it is worth giving preference to unobtrusive classics. The ideal solution would be to combine the two styles. This will give the man an elegant casual look.

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