3 Ways To Lose Weight For The New Year

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3 Ways To Lose Weight For The New Year
3 Ways To Lose Weight For The New Year

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Every woman wants to look especially delightful on New Year's Eve, wants the chosen dress to fit perfectly on a beautiful figure. Suppose that there is very little time left before the New Year - a month. How to lose a couple or three, or better five kilograms in a month? There are such ways, at least there are 3 ways to lose weight for the New Year.

3 ways to lose weight for the New Year
3 ways to lose weight for the New Year


Step 1

Method 1 is traditional.

Starting right from this day, we introduce iron rules into the way of life:

1. From the very morning until 12:00 we allow ourselves to eat any food and dish, whatever we want, in any quantity, even cookies. But remember that you can do this only until 12:00!

2. From 12:00 to 18:00 it is allowed to eat protein foods (meat, eggs, fish, low-fat cottage cheese) and vegetable dishes. An example is a fish stew with a vegetable side dish.

3. After 18:00 nothing can be eaten, nothing at all. You can only drink water, green tea, as much as you like.

Another new rule is one fasting day a week: you can drink water and green tea without restrictions, you can not eat anything.

This method will definitely help you lose a few extra pounds by the New Year.

But if you are not used to eating this way, it will not be easy to follow these rules.

Step 2

2 way for those who love math - counting calories

To lose weight using this method, you will need a kitchen electronic scale, a table of calories for different products and a calculator.

Weigh what you are going to eat, multiply by the tabular calorie content of this product and get the calorie content of this portion of food. Write down in a notebook how many calories you got, for example, for breakfast.

And so you write it down for the whole day.

It is allowed to "eat" 1300-1500 kilocalories per day, no more, no less. You do not need to eat less than 1300, this will only interfere with the process of losing weight.

You can eat whatever you want, at least chocolates. Just not to exceed the permissible daily calorie content. Of course, it is preferable to eat a full-fledged dish from the same cottage cheese than to eat buns. Indeed, in this case, your body will receive a lot more substances that it actually needs.

But, I repeat, there are no restrictions on the choice of products.

One moment - towards the end of the day, when you have to eat 200 - 300 kilocalories of food, before you eat dinner, first weigh and calculate it. Will you get 1300 - 1500 kcal per day if you eat this? If you get more than 1500 kcal, cut the portion or refuse altogether.

It is quite easy to withstand such a diet, there is no feeling of hunger. The main thing is to overcome your laziness to weigh, count and write all this. If you do not break down, then the loss of 3-5 kg ​​per month is guaranteed.

Step 3

Method 3 is an interesting one, for those who are bored of losing weight in traditional ways. For those who are too lazy to count calories.

This diet is called "5 spoons". You may have heard of it before, it has been around for a long time.

The essence of this diet is to eat 5 tablespoons of any product every three hours.

Any food, you can eat gingerbread all day. But be sure to 5 spoons, and be sure to withstand a break of 3 hours.

If the food is solid, you need to take such an amount that, when chopped, would fit in the volume of 5 tablespoons.

This diet is psychologically easily tolerated, since you do not forbid yourself anything. You can do anything, but with a few restrictions, it looks like some kind of game.

Step 4

Choose the method that is closer to you and apply. And then on New Years you will look stunning!

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