Golden Rules How To Lose Weight At Home

Golden Rules How To Lose Weight At Home
Golden Rules How To Lose Weight At Home

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A strict diet, exercise on simulators or fitness, refusal of all pleasures in food bring only a temporary effect or none at all, if you do not follow some rules.

Golden rules how to lose weight at home
Golden rules how to lose weight at home

1. First of all, think about how you feel about yourself and your life. Just think how to get rid of the hated kilograms and centimeters, angry, always unhappy, obsessed with losing weight? In this mood lie the main mistakes of those who seek to quickly lose weight at home.

Make a firm decision that your body, even if it has its own characteristics and flaws, is worthy of love. Forbid yourself any self-criticism about your imperfections and tell your beloved body that you adore all these folds and apologize for hating them in the past.

2. If you, when you are nervous, try to seize your experiences with something tasty, then know that cortisol is to blame for this desire. This is a hormone that is released during all kinds of disorders in a person and causes us so-called emotional hunger. However, a full stomach does not solve our problems, but creates new ones - in the form of excess weight and centimeters. So you definitely won't be able to lose weight quickly.

The stress hormone can be defeated in two ways: a light, nutritious snack or physical relaxation. For example, in a stressful situation, you can eat a banana (it produces serotonin - the hormone of joy). And if boredom, depression or loneliness overcomes, then go for a walk or grab a rope and jump for a couple of minutes.

3. A full breakfast is the golden rule for losing weight. Otherwise, the craving for everything that is forbidden in food will increase many times over, and you risk overeating. Nutritionists all over the world advise to breakfast like a queen, dine like a princess, and dine like a beggar.

4. Food should be enjoyable. Do not rush to eat everything quickly. Eat slowly, enjoying every bite. If you spend less than 20 minutes on a meal, then the brain did not have time to receive the information that you are full, therefore, it will require a supplement.

5. If you crave sweets or chips, soak for 10 minutes. This "golden" pause will allow you to figure out if you are really hungry or just want to distract yourself.

6. The color of the dishes from which we eat greatly affects our appetite. It is best if these are cold shades: blue, green or gray. These colors reduce appetite at the subconscious level. The same goes for tablecloths and curtains in the kitchen. And no panels with picturesque food baskets on the walls!

7. The golden rule of how to lose weight at home: 80/20. The established rules in nutrition must be adhered to 80% of the time of the day, and the remaining 20%, allow yourself to relax, deviating a little from the norms, if you really want to. The main thing is no frills!

Having changed your attitude towards yourself, your body and your life, you will not even notice how you can lose weight without any diets. You will turn into a slender, cheerful optimist.

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