Preparing Your Figure For The Beach Season: Salon Treatments

Preparing Your Figure For The Beach Season: Salon Treatments
Preparing Your Figure For The Beach Season: Salon Treatments

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The beach season is just around the corner. No one has canceled proper nutrition and fitness, but I want to achieve the obvious result as quickly as possible. To do this, you should pay attention to special cosmetic procedures in the salons.

Preparing your figure for the beach season
Preparing your figure for the beach season

Let's start fighting cellulite. One of the classic procedures is lymphatic drainage massage. It is necessary to go through five to seven procedures. During this time, activation and withdrawal of excess fluid occurs, as well as the movement of lymph improves. This will tighten the skin, and the notorious "orange peel", if not completely eliminated, will significantly decrease. There are only two varieties of this massage: hardware and manual. With a highly qualified specialist, there is no difference in efficiency between them.

In more advanced cases, if excess weight and centimeters at the waist seriously poison your life, you should contact the clinic of aesthetic medicine. One of the latest developments in the line of procedures is lipotomy. The essence of this technique is that a specialized composition is introduced into problem areas, consisting of several elements designed to break down lipocytes. Subsequently, ultrasonic massage is applied. After all the methods carried out, unnecessary, split cells will be removed within two months. During all this time, the hated volumes are lost and the figure becomes better and more beautiful.

Myostimulation and electrolipolysis are procedures performed by a physiotherapist. These methods are also quite effective. Their essence is reduced to the effect of current on pathological zones. As a result of muscle contraction, the tone increases and the tissues become more elastic. The only drawback is that it will take quite a long amount of time.

If you have enough patience in your character, you can try the Indonesian recipe for fighting cellulite. To prepare the composition, you need to take:

- coffee grounds;

- tea tree oil (10-12 drops).

Then mix everything until smooth and apply in the shower to problem areas. Rinse off the mixture with cool water.

This technique contributes to:

- improving blood circulation in tissues;

- helps to get rid of various toxins;

- increasing the elasticity of the skin;

- launches metabolic processes, which, in turn, prevent the accumulation of fatty deposits in the cellulite areas.

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