How Often Can You Go To The Solarium

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How Often Can You Go To The Solarium
How Often Can You Go To The Solarium

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Artificial tanning in the cold season becomes an alternative to natural. Cosmetologists and dermatologists come to a consensus on how often you can visit the solarium so that it not only gives the body a beautiful golden hue, but also does not harm the skin.

How often can you go to the solarium
How often can you go to the solarium


Step 1

There is no need to rush to get a chocolate skin color. You will be able to achieve a beautiful shade after 5-6 tanning sessions under the lamp. In no case should you achieve the result you want in one visit. When you first visit the solarium, stay in it for no longer than five minutes. With each visit, you can increase the time spent in the cell.

Step 2

Use the golden rule of cosmetologists that applies to tanning salon visitors. A maximum of 50 tanning visits are possible per year and a minimum of 48 hours must elapse between each treatment session.

Step 3

For people of the Celtic type (light eyes, blonde hair, milky skin, there are freckles), a solarium is contraindicated, since even a minimal visit to it can cause a burn on their delicate skin, severe redness.

Step 4

People of the European type (light brown or brown hair, light eyes, fair skin) can visit the solarium no more than twice every seven days. Remember, if your skin type is very sensitive to the rays in tanning beds, your body could get severe redness or burns after being under the lamp for too long.

Step 5

With a Central European type of appearance (gray, light-colored eyes, brown or dark brown hair, dark skin), it is possible to visit the solarium up to 3 times in seven days.

Step 6

Every day or every other day, you can visit the solarium for people of the southern European type (dark shades of eyes and hair, dark skin), as they tolerate well both the rays of the UV lamp and the sun. But visiting the tanning salon too often can bring certain skin troubles even to such people, therefore, observe the measure when sunbathing, even if your skin is very dark by nature.

Step 7

Before visiting a tanning bed, peel your body skin. Do not wash in the bath the night before and do not take a shower with soap, body gel. Always wear protective clothing in the tanning bed, goggles that cover delicate areas on the body - eyes, scalp, bikini area. Apply a protective sun cream on the body before the procedure, cover your lips with a protective balm. There should be no decorative cosmetics on the face, as well as bijouterie, jewelry on the body during the procedure.

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