How To Remove Fat From The Lower Abdomen

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How To Remove Fat From The Lower Abdomen
How To Remove Fat From The Lower Abdomen

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Nothing spoils your figure like a flabby lower abs. You can be slim and even thin, but fat in the lower abdomen will not allow you to wear tight dresses and low-waisted jeans, so beloved by modern girls. To get a flat stomach, you need an integrated approach.

How to remove fat from the lower abdomen
How to remove fat from the lower abdomen

Swinging your lower abs is good for your health. But by tightening your muscles, you cannot burn fat. So please be patient and be prepared to change your lifestyle and diet.

Diet for a flat tummy

You can remove fat in the lower abdomen by adjusting the menu. Start your day with a serving of sugar-free oatmeal, supplemented with vegetable salad and a couple of tablespoons of bran. Snack on fruits, nuts, or candied fruits at work. But don't get carried away, these are high-calorie foods.

Eat baked fish or meat for lunch. A serving of green salad or leafy vegetables will not be superfluous. Include asparagus, celery, carrots, raw beets, and cereals in your diet.

In an effort to get a flat stomach, give up cigarettes, alcohol, including beer, and sugary soda.

Massage to help

Many people are mistaken in thinking that by pumping up the lower abs, you can get rid of fat in the lower abdomen. The muscles are located under the fat layer, which is more convenient to act on from the outside. Do a 10-minute massage every night.

Apply any vegetable oil to your stomach - almond, peach, jojoba. Grasping a small area with the fingers of both hands, gently knead the fat from the bottom up. Please note that you do not need to pinch the skin, but the fatty layer and muscles.

Try to keep bruises on your body. Such barbarism is harmful to blood vessels and does not affect the breakdown of fat. Also include coffee scrubs and warming wraps in your flat belly routine.

A set of exercises

The most effective way to remove fat from the abdomen is an exercise called "horizontal scissors". Lie on the floor, hands, palms down, place under the buttocks, press your lower back firmly to the floor. Lift your legs off the surface and lift them to a height of 10 cm. Make quick swings, alternately crossing your legs.

The second version of the scissors is vertical. Stay in the starting position. Leave one leg on the floor, and the other, perfectly straight, with the toe pulled over yourself, lift perpendicular to the floor. Then, at the same time, lower the first leg to the floor, and lift the second up. Increase your pace gradually. Do the exercise for at least a minute.

Sit on the edge of the couch. Put your hands on your waist, if your lower abs is very weak, you can rest your palms on the seat. Lift your feet off the floor and leave them parallel to the surface. Start drawing the numbers with your fingertips. For the first time, draw at least up to the number "10".

Lean on your palms and toes, taking the support while lying down. Alternately, quickly pull your knees up to your chest. Also, in order to quickly remove fat from the lower abdomen, you can perform various side crunches, swim and twist a hula hoop.

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