Hair On The Buttocks: How To Get Rid Of?

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Hair On The Buttocks: How To Get Rid Of?
Hair On The Buttocks: How To Get Rid Of?

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The hair on the buttocks is a rudiment inherited by modern people from their ancestors. They look unaesthetic and cause complexes. Modern tools offer ways to solve this problem. You can get rid of unnecessary hairs both at home and by contacting professionals.

Hair on the buttocks: how to get rid of?
Hair on the buttocks: how to get rid of?

Hair protects the body from infection and debris from entering the skin, and helps maintain a natural body temperature. However, fashion trends and social factors suggest that a smooth body is beautiful. Modern advances in cosmetology, fortunately, make the process of removing unnecessary body hair simple and almost painless. There are many ways to remove hair. Which one you choose depends on the budget and the time you want to spend on solving this problem. It should also be borne in mind that any procedure has a temporary effect or needs to be repeated.


Shaving is the easiest and cheapest way to get rid of unwanted hair. However, it can only be recommended for removing hair directly on the buttocks, as shaving the hair between the buttocks, especially for women, can be problematic. The skin in these areas is delicate and sensitive, and there is a danger of serious irritation. In addition, the effect of shaving is very short-lived, as unwanted hairs will reappear after a few days. If you decide to shave, don't do it blindly: use a mirror for the best result.

Depilatory cream is not suitable for the buttock area. Chemicals attack the skin aggressively, therefore it is necessary to avoid getting the cream on the anus.


Waxing quickly and effectively removes hair in the intimate area. You can also use wax at home, but it is better to seek professional help. The beautician will quickly and painlessly remove vegetation from the buttocks and between them using professional wax. Hair is removed by the root and reappears after about a month.

Electrolytic method

If the hair on your buttocks grows extensively and causes you discomfort, you can use the electric current removal procedure. To do this, using a thin needle, each hair follicle is burned with an electric discharge. In the place of treatment, hair will never grow. Although, it may be necessary to repeat the procedure, because the skin contains dormant hair follicles, which may one day wake up. The electrolytic method is an expensive and time-consuming procedure, but the effect is superior to shaving and waxing.

It is important to remember that fine light hairs after any type of hair removal can begin to grow intensively and acquire a darker color.

Laser hair removal

With laser hair removal, as well as with electric hair removal, the specialist acts on the hair follicle. The laser beam burns hair without damaging the skin. Several treatments may be required to fix the problem of hair growth.

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