What Determines The Size Of The Breast In Women

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What Determines The Size Of The Breast In Women
What Determines The Size Of The Breast In Women

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Beautiful lush breasts are one of the main external advantages of many women. She grabs the attention of men and makes beautiful ladies feel confident and relaxed. What factors affect the size of the bust?

What determines the size of the breast in women
What determines the size of the breast in women

Genetic factor

Heredity largely determines the size of a woman's breasts. It should be borne in mind that genes are inherited both on the paternal and maternal lines. In addition, new individual traits may appear as a result of recombinations. However, it is most likely that the size of the daughter's bust will be the same as that of older women who are in close family ties with her.

Woman weight

The mammary glands contain a large amount of adipose tissue. Therefore, with weight gain, breast size also increases. Accordingly, with significant weight loss, the breast also greatly loses in volume, sometimes decreasing by several sizes. Therefore, you should adhere to the principles of a healthy diet and maintain weight at the level necessary for a particular height, age and physique.

1 kg of gained weight can increase breast weight by 20 g.

The greatest growth and development of the mammary glands occurs in girls from 13 to 18 years old. Dramatic weight loss at that age can lead to the fact that the breasts will never, even after reaching normal weight, become the same as their true potential, but remain less voluminous.

A woman's physique greatly affects the size of the bust. Usually, fragile girls have small breasts, and girls with a more massive chest are the owners of lush breasts.


The mammary glands are not muscles, so they cannot be pumped up with any physical exercise, despite the many promises of many sources. However, sports activities aimed at training the pectoral muscles help to tighten the bust. As a result, the breasts are taller and more attractive.

Hormonal drugs

Some hormones in medications affect breasts, making them bigger. However, this action is observed as a side effect. There are no specially formulated hormonal preparations for bust enlargement.

There are medications for breast augmentation. However, they can only be taken after consulting a doctor.


Since childhood, most girls have known that cabbage has a beneficial effect on bust size. Therefore, becoming adolescents, they are happy to eat this vegetable in large quantities. Some people brew hop cones and drink the broth in the hope that this miracle drink will increase their breasts by several sizes. All this has no scientific justification, and therefore does not bring results. Any diet designed specifically to increase the bust can be attributed to the myths. But do not forget that a person sees what he believes in. Therefore, if you convince yourself that any product contributes to the fact that the breasts become lush, then it is possible to see some changes.

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