How To Take A Baking Soda Bath

How To Take A Baking Soda Bath
How To Take A Baking Soda Bath

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Baking soda is a product that you can buy even at the smallest grocery store. Most housewives use it as a baking ingredient or as an inexpensive cleaning agent. But, in addition to the above, soda can be used in a bath.

How to take a baking soda bath
How to take a baking soda bath

Many have probably heard of soda baths. But how to take them and for what purpose, few know. Soda baths help you relax and fight fatigue. They have a beneficial effect on the skin, it becomes soft and silky. And, if you mix soda with sea salt, then such a bath will help in the fight against allergic rashes, eliminate inflammation and irritation from the skin. Sodo - a salt bath with citrus essential oils - an excellent helper in the fight against cellulite. A bath with the addition of baking soda has a positive effect on the functioning of the nervous system, soothes and relieves irritation. Such baths are good after suffering stress or after a hard day. Due to the active effect of soda on the lymphatic system, soda baths are useful for poisoning (food, alcoholic, medicinal, etc.). As strange as it may sound, soda baths help to get rid of extra pounds. Of course, just lying in the bathtub will not achieve great results, but as an addition to diet and physical activity, you can and should use it. Some argue that after the first bath it takes up to 1.5 kg, however, you should not flatter yourself - it just comes out excess liquid. With regular repetition (ten procedures every other day), each bath takes about 500 g.

Methods for preparing baths with soda

Classic: 200 g of salt in a full bath of water.

Mixed: for 180 - 200 liters of water, 300 g of soda and 500 g of sea salt are taken. It is better to dissolve these components in a separate bowl, and then pour into a hot bath.

Aromatic: add a few drops of essential oil to a mixture of soda and sea salt. Such a bath will not only bring benefits, but also bring pleasure from home spa treatments.

The soda bath should be hot enough: 38-40 degrees (you can increase the temperature gradually, from the usual 36 degrees to the desired one, just adding hot water). To avoid pressure drops, it is better to start bathing in a sitting position.

Contraindications for taking a bath with soda:

  • diabetes;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • neoplasms, including benign ones;
  • cardiovascular diseases.

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