How To Change Skin Color

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How To Change Skin Color
How To Change Skin Color

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People have always tried to change something in themselves. Including skin color. The most overwhelming success in this matter was achieved by Michael Jackson, albeit at the cost of great efforts. This is because it is very difficult to change skin color from dark to light. You and I are more fortunate - we most often set ourselves the opposite task. And there is more than one option.

Skin color will change tan
Skin color will change tan


Step 1

The most common, but not the safest, way to change skin color is a natural sun tan, which can be obtained by going to hot countries for a couple of weeks. But remember that the skin needs to be "removed" in the sun gradually, starting from a few minutes a day during the period of the lowest solar activity, that is, in the morning and in the evening. Don't forget about sunscreen. Many people neglect them to make the skin more likely to acquire the desired brown tint, forgetting that these products protect the skin from harmful radiation by letting in “beneficial” rays.

Step 2

Oddly enough, a beautiful persistent tan can be obtained in the very early spring, when the sun is already scorching with might and main, and the snow has not melted yet. Reflected from the snow, the sun's rays become stronger. You should be careful - in the spring there is also a danger of burning out, despite the fact that it is still cool around. Some sunbathe during this period, skiing in one swimsuit, but this requires a certain courage.

Step 3

However, these methods are relevant in a certain season. But what if you want to change your skin color at a time of year when the sun doesn't even bother to peek out from behind the clouds? The solarium will help. There are two types of tanning beds - vertical and horizontal. They have their own characteristics - in a horizontal tan it can turn out to be uneven in those places where the body is pressed against the apparatus (coccyx, shoulder blades). And in the upright legs can tan worse than the rest of the body. To achieve an even tan, experts advise alternating between tanning in a vertical and horizontal tanning bed. While in a tanning bed, you should follow the same safety precautions as in the sun - start small and do not stay under the lamps for too long. By the way, the lamps in the solarium have a strictly defined service life, after which they become harmful to the skin. Therefore, always check with the salon administrator how long the lamps have been changed, and go only to proven salons.

Step 4

You can change your skin color with self-tanning creams. This method is more gentle on the skin, as it does not receive harmful radiation. Now on the market there are many products from various manufacturers, choose according to your taste. We advise only to use not creams, which for the most part stain the skin unevenly, leaving spots, but sprays - they lay down more evenly.

Step 5

If you want to change your skin color in an original and healthy way, eat carrots. After some time, the skin will change color. Whether it will suit you depends on the individual characteristics of your skin - for someone it is indistinguishable from the color of a tan, someone becomes frankly orange. Yes, remember - in order for the skin color to change, you need to eat a lot of carrots!

Step 6

Sometimes, after overburning or going too far with self-tanning, you need to change the skin color to a lighter one. Then lemon (more effective) or cucumber (more gentle) will help you. Rub them on the skin until you get the shade you need.

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