How To Remove Hair For Men

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How To Remove Hair For Men
How To Remove Hair For Men

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Many men today, just like women, carefully monitor their bodies, eliminate unwanted hair. Sometimes a man's occupation obliges him to keep his body without visible hair. Experts recommend certain options for removing body hair for men.

How to remove hair for men
How to remove hair for men


Step 1

Visit a salon for laser hair removal. In a beauty salon, you can permanently remove hair from unwanted places on the body - shoulders, chest, groin, abdomen, back. It will take 6-8 sessions, half an hour each. Repeat the procedure as new hair grows (usually 1-2 times a year) until they disappear completely.

Step 2

With the help of electrolysis, body hair can be permanently eliminated. This procedure is also carried out in beauty salons. A small amount of hair can thus be removed in several sessions. But if removal from a larger area of ​​the body is required, you will have to do weekly procedures for a long time, up to a year.

Step 3

Removing unwanted body hair is possible with hot wax or wax strips. Epilate with soy wax, which sticks to the hairs themselves, not to the body, unlike those based on honey or beeswax. There will be practically no pain during the procedure. If you wax in a beauty salon, the likelihood of correct manipulation of the strips is high. The method is suitable for removing hair from any part of the body, except for the groin, since here the painful sensations due to the sensitivity of the skin are much higher.

Step 4

You can eliminate hairs in the old proven way with a sharp razor. The procedure is quick, effective, but there are a number of disadvantages: new hair grows quickly, possibly local irritation of the skin, its redness, in the groin area, the body must be treated very carefully to avoid cuts.

Step 5

Use a depilatory cream to remove body hair. The cream is applied when you take a shower, on the problem area with a thin layer and kept for 5-10 minutes. Then, with a special scraper, the cream is removed from the skin along with the hairs. The result with this procedure is good, new hair does not grow back for a long time. But before applying the cream, check if it causes an allergic reaction on the skin. To do this, apply a small amount to the inside of your hand, wait five minutes. If there is no redness, burning, pain, blisters, the cream can be safely used.

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