How To Properly Care For Your Feet While Maintaining Health And Beauty

How To Properly Care For Your Feet While Maintaining Health And Beauty
How To Properly Care For Your Feet While Maintaining Health And Beauty

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Our feet constantly attract the attention of men. It's nice to know that this attention is driven by the beauty of the legs. It will take a lot of effort to maintain their perfect shape and tenderness. How to take care of your feet for us beauties?

How to properly care for your feet
How to properly care for your feet

Care secrets: cleanliness and special treatments

Our feet deserve a daily water treatment. Legs withstand significant stress during the day. Therefore, the washing procedure not only removes dust and sweat, but also helps to relieve daytime fatigue. Lather the soles of the feet with toilet soap and lightly massage. It is better to wash them with warm water, and rinse them slightly cool. Do not forget about the condition of the rest of the legs. Use a mitten to massage the thighs and lower legs. Rub the skin until light redness and rinse with cool water. Wash your feet after working in the country with a soft natural bristle brush.

Special treatments include baths. Various compounds are usually mixed into the water for foot baths. Supplements determine how the foot bath will benefit. Herbal decoctions strengthen the surface epithelium, promote the healing of minor abrasions and cuts. There are remedies after which sweating of the legs decreases or general swelling is removed.

Baths can be arranged no more than once a week. Usually they are combined with other hygienic procedures: removal of corns with pumice, nail care, skin cleansing with a scrub. Feet in heated water should be kept for about fifteen minutes. We complete the whole complex of caring actions by applying a cream with nourishing properties.

How to keep your feet smooth and eliminate blemishes

Today, smooth legs are considered beautiful. Therefore, you will have to take care of the timely removal of hair from their surface. The most common method is mechanical, that is, shaving. It is also one of the most traumatic, as it leads to cuts on the skin. You should know the rules that can reduce the possible damage. Warm up the skin of your feet with hot water, apply a special foam or gel, and only then grab the razor. Do not save, buy a "female" version of the razor - it was specially created for the specific needs of women. We direct the movements of the razor from the bottom up, trying not to leave hairs. The shave ends with rinsing and applying a cream.

Defects include all sorts of calluses, corns, fungal lesions, cracks. If any of the problems arise, you should react immediately. Calluses appear due to improperly selected shoes. Choose your shoes carefully, now there are all the possibilities for this. Treatment of corns, especially old ones, is best done on the recommendation of a doctor. Defects resulting from the action of the fungus are treated only with medication! Folk remedies can be used if the diagnosis is known, and as an addition to the main treatment.

Correct pedicure

To pamper your feet, it is advisable to do a pedicure in the salon, with a trusted master. It will provide your feet with massage, baths, nourishing masks, nail treatment.

The same activities can be done at home. Toenail polish is recommended to choose a neutral, inconspicuous, or the same tone as on the hands. Or like this: if you want to attract close attention, choose a bright one. If you want to emphasize your sophistication, opt for a transparent one.

Emphasize the beauty of your own legs, do not hesitate!

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