How To Remove A Tattoo: Tattoo Removal Methods

How To Remove A Tattoo: Tattoo Removal Methods
How To Remove A Tattoo: Tattoo Removal Methods

Video: How To Remove A Tattoo: Tattoo Removal Methods

Video: How To Remove A Tattoo: Tattoo Removal Methods
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Tattoos always attract the attention of others. Some make them to stand out from the crowd, others - to express their feelings or leave a memory of an important event, others - just like that, pay tribute to fashion.

Flatten the tattoo
Flatten the tattoo

But time passes, and often the tattoos made lose their relevance: the first love has passed, and the new love is jealous of the past in the form of a full name. Also, tattoos can interfere with employment in a high-paying position. So, if you have a question about how to remove a tattoo, go to the question thoroughly.

To remove a tattoo, you can use two methods: do it yourself or with the help of professional doctors, which will be more effective and most importantly safe.

At home, you will not be able to completely reduce the tattoo. The maximum that you will achieve is that it will become paler, but for this result it will take more than one week of daily efforts. So, to remove the tattoo yourself, follow these instructions:

  • Wash the desired area of the body with regular soap, and then dry the skin
  • If there are hairs on the skin where the pattern is filled, they must be shaved off - this will reduce the pain during the procedure.
  • Pour 2 tablespoons into a bowl. medium salt and cover with water, stirring gently, until some of the salt dissolves.
  • Then, take a new body sponge and soak it in the resulting solution, so as to capture the solid particles of salt. Rub the tattoo quickly and vigorously for at least 20-30 minutes.
  • When the salt is dry on your skin, wash it off. Part of the paint will be washed off with the salt.
  • After the procedure, bandage the injured skin area to prevent infection.

Of course, a quicker way to get rid of tattoos is to go to a beauty salon. Choose only good, licensed medical centers or salons. There, tattoos are reduced using a laser machine.

Many who are interested in how to remove a tattoo have a natural question, what types of lasers are used for this procedure.

Ruby laser is used to remove tattoos made in blue, black or green. Since this laser machine operates at a low speed, it effectively removes only shallow tattoos.

The alexandrite type of laser is faster, and therefore is used to remove bright images or deeply penetrated into the skin.

The neodymium laser is the fastest and most efficient. It has a very high speed of work, which allows the laser beam to penetrate deep into the epidermis, but not damage the layers of the skin.

The procedure for removing your picture on the body is done with an anesthetic injection, since without it the sensations will be quite painful. The laser is able to remove the top layers of the skin that has been dyed, or to lighten it under the skin. The laser can leave small scars on your body that will gradually fade away.

For those who have a tattoo only superficially (the epidermis is slightly affected), it is better to use the laser vaporization method. This procedure is performed using an erbium laser machine. With this effect, an area of skin with ink is removed, but no scars remain. After 7-8 days, the damaged epidermis will fully recover.

Many, when deciding how to remove a tattoo, resort to procedures that are more effective, but take a longer period of time. If you are in no hurry to remove the tattoo and are ready to spend more than one month on its removal, use selective photocavitation. This method almost does not injure your skin - the laser beam is directed only at the pattern, and does not affect the epidermis. As a result of the procedure, your tattoo will fade, and after a few sessions it will merge with the main skin color.

If you need to remove the tattoo instantly, only the surgical method is suitable for you. The doctor will cut off the layers of skin damaged by the tattoo and then suture the edges of the skin. The tattoo will completely disappear, but the scars will remain on the body. Another method is cryosurgery, when the tattoo is removed with liquid nitrogen.

When choosing any method of tattoo removal, be sure to check with a specialist about contraindications to its use, as well as about the possible consequences!