5 Rules For Perfect Legs In Summer

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5 Rules For Perfect Legs In Summer
5 Rules For Perfect Legs In Summer

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Not all girls pay enough attention to the condition of their legs in the summer. But in the summertime, care and daily care are especially necessary. In summer, women's legs are constantly exposed to external influences and stress: the scorching sun, long walks and open shoes, which are often uncomfortable, making it possible for street dust and dirt to stick. As a result - tired legs, swelling, calluses and even cracked feet. How, in such conditions, to keep the legs perfect? The simplest 5 rules should be followed.

5 rules for perfect legs in summer
5 rules for perfect legs in summer

Rule 1: Daily Cleansing

You need to wash your feet every day. This rule is known to any girl, but it is far from always being followed. But this is very important, especially in the summer.

It is better to use warm or slightly cool water with gel or soap for these purposes. In no case should you use hot water for washing, because it can dry out the skin. The skin of the feet should be additionally cleaned with a scrub. You can use a special foot scrub or any other, even for the face. The only difference is in the size of the cleansing granules, and therefore in the hardness of the scrub. After washing your feet, wipe thoroughly with a towel, paying particular attention to the area between the toes. At the end of the entire procedure, you should smear the legs with a moisturizer.

Rule 2: Comfortable Summer Shoes

One of the guarantees that your feet will look great in the summer is, of course, the right shoes. First, it's important to remember that the healthiest foot materials are natural, allowing the skin to breathe without allowing moisture and bacteria to build up. Secondly, the shoes should be comfortable, they should not be too narrow or too high heels. Also, shoes without a heel will not benefit your feet. Such shoes can only lead to fatigue, friction, calluses and calluses. Therefore, it is worth taking seriously the issue of choosing summer shoes.

Rule 3: Pedicure

A pedicure is one of the must-have items for proper foot care. You can do it yourself at home, but it is still recommended to contact a professional. Only a qualified pedicure specialist can provide safe and complete foot care.

Rule 4: Massage

Massage is an excellent remedy for heavy and tired legs. The benefit of massage is also that it helps to get rid of puffiness by promoting proper blood circulation. It is better to do massage every day. You can do it yourself or ask, for example, your husband. Before the massage, the skin must be cleansed. It will also not be superfluous to use massage oils or creams. It is better to start massaging the legs from the feet. In circular motions, you need to carefully massage the feet. Then, with similar movements, without ceasing to massage, you need to slowly rise up to the knees, and then to the thigh.

Rule 5: UV protection

The scorching sun can seriously harm the delicate skin of a woman's legs. Special means will help protect your legs, which are best not to be neglected in the summer. To protect against ultraviolet radiation, experts recommend using a sunscreen with an average SPF (15-20). It will allow you to get enough UV rays and at the same time reduce the level of harmful effects of the sun. For girls whose feet are prone to dryness, do not forget about the products applied to the skin after sunburn. After all, they contain special moisturizing, regenerating, anti-inflammatory and nourishing ingredients that will help the skin to remain as fresh and healthy.

By observing only 5 of the listed rules, you can forget about tired legs, swelling, rough skin and cracks. After all, the legs in the summer are open to others. Thanks to the care, you can enjoy the summer and not think about the appearance of the legs.

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