How Easy It Is To Raise Your Attractiveness Rating

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How Easy It Is To Raise Your Attractiveness Rating
How Easy It Is To Raise Your Attractiveness Rating

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Almost no one thinks about the most important principle of our time. Only beautiful and healthy people today can claim hegemony in society. Forward to the crown of life, using ten simple "commandments"! Was on the "C" on the five-point grading system, and became a round "excellent student"!

Beauty outfit
Beauty outfit

It is incredible and does not quite fit into the head why everyone wants to be beautiful and healthy by default, but they do not put even the slightest significant effort into it. So, for the audience that loves to eat deliciously, sleep well and, despite such a parasitic lifestyle, look five points on a five-point scale is dedicated to …

Laconic theory

· Bronze and milk chocolate are not a metal and a confectionery product, but the color of tanned skin;

· It will be correct to say “no” to acne, diaper rash, vascular “asterisks”, age spots, bruises under the eyes and other defects in the surface of a dull body;

· Not only because of optical illusion, but also in reality, it is necessary to get rid of thick sides, saggy bellies, excess weight and other side "beauties" of modern physiology;

· Solar energy restores the circulatory, nervous, immune, and respiratory systems;

· Sun, sea and sandy beaches are not conducive to overeating. Rest of the digestive tract is provided without painful diets. The beauty motto is: “Minimum calories - maximum pure water!”;

· Thick and shiny hair, strong and smooth nails as a result of the natural force of nature, not pharmacological products;

· Sexual potency is restored and multiplied, which primarily affects self-confidence;

· You no longer need to sit on social networks, but use live communication with gender antipodes in your aesthetic category, which is an active assimilation in society;

· Not a single beauty salon with spa treatments can compare in the degree of immersion in relaxation with a sandy beach on the seashore;

· Shine in the eyes, a smile revealing snow-white teeth, and a good mood will show the world an excellent result of your work on yourself!

Delicious comments

1. "Kremlin snow-white" is no longer in vogue, down with umbrellas and aristocratic fishnet gloves! And this is not a social revolution, but a call to take your pale bodies to sandy beaches! Drops, iridescent like diamonds, rolling down a bronze body, milk chocolate of sloping bare shoulders - a paradise for tired eyes, the sweetest and most expensive dessert in the world!

2. Exhausted from going to beauticians, your bedside tables, dressing tables, shelves and drawers are littered with tons of cosmetics? You need to cancel this psychosis, take the largest package and with one movement of your hand brush all this useless wealth into it! A trip to the beach will provide an opportunity to expose your enemies to the flow of sunlight, who tormented a defenseless body, and very soon you can see how pimples and diaper rash have dried up, "vascular stars" are no longer visible on tanned skin, just like the stars in the morning sky are not visible !

3. Pale morning, pale body! The sides are like whites from a nearby kiosk, and the belly is a silent reproach in the form of a sad smiley. But everything will change if the same sides and stomach become darker by several tones. The so-called "optical illusion" is like in clothes - the black one slims, the white one on the contrary.

4. The sun is god! We only worship him! All living things have long been in debt to the Luminary. A person honors anyone, but you need to look up! Before you is life-giving energy. There is no it - there is no photosynthesis, there is no it - there is no light and heat, there is no it - there is nothing! The human body, just like the plant world, cannot develop without solar energy.At night, all processes slow down, with the rising of the sun, the body awakens, blood moves faster through the vessels, metabolism increases, nerve impulses intensify, all living things are ready to create. And it is a continuous and interconnected cycle.

5. There is no need to become a "sun-eater". But it has been noticed that being on the beach contributes to a decrease in appetite. A sip of pure water replaces your favorite product one hundred percent, and this, in turn, leads to a serious decrease in calories.

6. Being by the sea and inhaling the aroma, you do not think that you breathe not only the beautiful clean air, but also get iodine with it. Your thyroid says thank you! And as a result: fine thick hair, strong nails, smooth skin.

7. In the dynamics of life, driving yourself, you sometimes notice small troubles associated with intimate life. Surprised that only yesterday you were "on horseback", and today you made a mistake, you rush to the specialists or under the skillful advertising to all sorts of "tricky additions". No need to panic! In this case, you need to take a break first. Relax as much as possible, take a walk along the shore of a reservoir, anyone, if there is no sea at hand, lie on the sand, listen to music, take a nap to it, treat yourself like a child, say for a moment that you owe nothing to anyone, but first turn, your sexual partner. Let the anxiety dissipate like fog on a summer day. The sun, the splash of water, clean air will do their good deed, falling into serenity, you yourself will not notice how health and sexual power will react to the passing half-naked body of your gender antipode.

8. Down with social networks, at least for the duration of the vacation! You have forgotten how to communicate "live". The beach is the perfect place for this. A bonus is the maximum openness of bodies, the absence of surprises, not always a minus.

9. Numerous spa treatments are a recent trend. And often, not everyone can afford them. There is an exit! Nature itself offers absolutely free of charge one of the best spa salons - a sandy beach. Melting into the sun, listening to the splash of water, you plunge into relaxation, and the coming Morpheus, lulling us, takes us to the heavenly shores.

10. And then morning came. Coming out of the shower, you look in the mirror and see in it a smiling snow-white smile, lean, young, with eyes shining like diamonds, a stranger and say: "It happened, and it doesn't matter that a couple of times I had to burn a little, but the result is stunning!"

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