Slimming In The Waist Area. Tips & Tricks

Slimming In The Waist Area. Tips & Tricks
Slimming In The Waist Area. Tips & Tricks

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A thin and flexible waist is a guarantee of a beautiful figure and good health. A properly selected diet and a set of exercises that strengthen the rectus and oblique abdominal muscles will help to bring this part of the body in order. It will take time to succeed, but after 1-2 months your figure will improve significantly.

Slimming in the waist area. Tips & Tricks
Slimming in the waist area. Tips & Tricks

An important step in the program for a thin waist is diet. Exclude semi-finished products, baked goods, smoked and too fatty foods from the menu. The ideal diet is based on cereals and vegetables, boiled, stewed or raw. Note that some fruits are not good for your waistline. For example, grapes contain too much fructose and contribute to bloating. Dried fruits and candied fruits should also be eaten with caution.

Eat small meals and drink plenty of water, natural juices, and herbal teas. Liquids promote a good metabolism and allow you to consume fewer high-calorie foods.

Make a set of exercises for the waist. It is advisable to combine dynamic and static exercises, and train with weights two or three times a week. Perform each exercise 15-20 times, strongly tensing the muscles. You can work out in the morning or in the evening; during classes, drink clean, still water. Start with a light warm-up. You can dance to rhythmic music, jump rope, rotate the body and tilt. Then proceed to the main complex.

Lying on the floor, bend your knees and lift them at a right angle. The shins should be parallel to the floor. Place your hands along your body. Alternately move your legs left and right so that your knee touches the floor. Do not turn on your side, only the lower half of the body should move.

The starting position is the same, put your feet on the floor, feet should be next to each other. Tilt your closed legs in different directions, lingering in the tilt position for a few seconds. Take your time, do the exercise clearly and strain the abdominal wall.

Lie across the gymnastics bench so that it is at waist level. Clasp your hands at the back of your head. Turn left and right with maximum amplitude, feeling the tension in the oblique abdominal muscles. Do not lower your head. This exercise strengthens your abs, your back, and increases flexibility.

Try weight-bearing exercises. Pick up dumbbells and hold them at waist level. Stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart, feet parallel to each other. Rotate the body to the left and right, fixing the body in the maximum turn. Then lower your arms with dumbbells along your body and perform deep bends to the sides.

Be careful with abdominal strength exercises. They will flatten the belly, but can widen the waist.

Finish the mini-set with stretching exercises. Stand up straight with your arms above your head. Standing on your toes, stretch your fingers towards the ceiling, straining your entire body. Don't throw your head back. Perform the same exercise while lying on your back. Then roll onto your side, resting on your arm bent at the elbow. Raise your other hand above your head. As you lift your body, stretch your arm up and to the side, feeling the tension in the muscles.

Special procedures will also help to narrow the waist. Rub with a homemade scrub with sugar, salt, or ground coffee to firm your skin. After scrubbing, rinse your body thoroughly and rub in a firming lifting cream. It will firm up the skin, tone it up and help sharpen the silhouette.

Special corrective underwear with a massage effect will help to narrow the waist. It is important to fit it exactly in size.

Learn self-massage techniques. Rub your waist daily with your palms around it. Make quick sliding movements back and forth. This mini-massage should be done in the morning and in the evening, after showering and applying a firming cream.

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