Errors In Waxing At Home

Errors In Waxing At Home
Errors In Waxing At Home

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We all love saving money and time. Instead of going to a good salon, many people decide to wax their own hair at home. And, alas, often the result is not at all happy, especially for those who do not yet have such a skill.

Errors in waxing at home
Errors in waxing at home

Many of those who carry out hair removal on their own are familiar with such problems: ingrown hairs, irritation, wax residues on the skin.

In this article I will tell you about the main mistakes in epilation.

To avoid insufficient adhesion of the skin to the wax, it is necessary to prepare it. To do this, before the procedure, you need to scrub the epilation site. You can make a scrub yourself (using sugar, ground coffee, ground walnut shells, coconut, etc.), or you can buy a special product. The second option is most preferred.

It is very important to remove sebum from the epilation site. To do this, you need to use a special tool, or use a face toner. The place must be wiped with a cotton pad dipped in the product.

The whole procedure depends on the quality of the wax. The best option is to get professional wax in the salon.

It's also important to never ignore an allergic reaction test. Apply wax to the crook of your elbow and let it sit for 5 minutes. If there is no irritation, itching and redness, you can use it.

Many people heat wax in a water bath, relying on their feelings in temperature. So you can easily not guess. Too cold wax is very difficult to apply and even worse to remove, and too hot can cause burns. Carefully read the packaging, which should indicate the heating temperature of the wax, use a thermometer and constantly monitor the heating.

The wax layer applied with a spatula should not be thick. A thick layer will be much more difficult to remove.

Also, the required points are speed and a small area of ​​application, since the wax cools very quickly.

Hair length should be approximately 5mm. If they are shorter, the wax will not pick them up. And the longer ones can grow in, and it will be much more painful.

The wax should be removed only against hair growth and pulled parallel to the skin.

Tearing off slowly will hurt. If you pull too hard, a hematoma may form. First you need to practice at a speed on a small area of ​​skin.

Sticky wax marks should be removed with any vegetable oil, not soap and a towel.

After the procedure, you need to wipe the skin with any skin antiseptic, and then use body milk.

Epilation should be done 3 days before tanning and a week after.

In order to avoid damage, it is better to go to a salon, since the skin is softer and more sensitive while using contraception


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