Where Can I Sell Used Clothing

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Where Can I Sell Used Clothing
Where Can I Sell Used Clothing

Video: Where Can I Sell Used Clothing

Video: Where Can I Sell Used Clothing
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Fashion passes, tastes change, children grow. As a result, many are faced with the problem of numerous unnecessary things in closets. It can be solved by selling on specialized sites or through the intermediary of commission stores.

Where can I sell used clothing
Where can I sell used clothing

Sale of used clothes on the Internet

Today there are many services that offer services for the sale of certain things that have become unnecessary. For example, Slando. This is a site with a user-friendly interface, which is quite popular among buyers. The seller only needs to go through the standard registration procedure, upload a photo, indicate the price and description of the product.

When selling, it is advisable to consider:

Seasonality of clothing. It is better to sell fur coats not in summer, but in winter, when there will be a peak in consumer demand for this type of goods.

Price. It is necessary to soberly assess the appearance and condition of the goods, and then set the appropriate price, taking into account the market value. By setting the price of 2,000 rubles for a blouse, which costs 2,500 rubles in the store in a new state, you doom yourself in advance to failure.

We definitely need pictures. You should photograph clothes from different angles and choose those frames that most accurately reflect the condition and characteristics of the thing.

Description. You should not overdo it at this point - in addition to the positive qualities, you need to indicate the external flaws of the product, if any.

Another tip is that you shouldn't pay for premium ad placement for clothing and footwear. Chances are, you will spend more than you will receive.

In addition to Slando, there are also other sites that will help the seller and the buyer find each other. For example, My advertisement, From hand to hand. With the help of the Internet, a huge number of second-hand items have been sold. There is absolutely nothing to be afraid or ashamed of here.

Sale of used things in your city

In many localities there are many thrift stores that accept used clothing. However, not everything is simple here. The commission will not take things in a condition below average, you need to take care of the quality of the goods.

If you still have luxury brand items, but you are not going to wear them, there are specialty stores where you can drop off such branded clothing. The prices in them are much higher, but things also pass a more serious test.

Money in thrift stores is usually paid to the seller not immediately, but only when the thing finds its buyer. If the clothes you gave away lie for a long time, then they are likely to face a markdown.

Thrift stores for fur products are popular. Various fur coats, hats, and other goods, especially mink, are accepted there, since the fur of this animal is in great demand in the secondary market. Moreover, such stores have their own appraisers who will name an adequate price for themselves. It is best to run through several similar shops and find out the ratings of different sellers.

Children's things are a separate category of used goods. They are always in demand, because babies grow quickly and clothes, shoes simply do not have time to wear out. The condition of the item is practically new, and the price is much lower than the market price.

Selling used clothes is a good way to get rid of excess ballast in your wardrobe, as well as get a small reward, albeit small.

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