How To Avoid Falling Victim To Fashion

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How To Avoid Falling Victim To Fashion
How To Avoid Falling Victim To Fashion

Video: How To Avoid Falling Victim To Fashion

Video: How To Avoid Falling Victim To Fashion
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Many girls, striving to dress fashionably, do not look like winners, but victims of fashion. It would seem that in the age of information technology, dressing in the latest fashion is so simple. In fact, there is too much information, and in order not to become a laughing stock in the eyes of others, do not forget about taste.

How to avoid falling victim to fashion
How to avoid falling victim to fashion


Step 1

Choose your style carefully. Focus on your lifestyle, habits, character traits. This is the only way the clothes will look natural on you. Only you know which things will suit you and which will not. Clothing should be an extension of your personality, not a mask behind which you hide.

Step 2

Don't forget about age. No matter how you would like to hide it, age is an integral part of your personality and you have to put up with it. Don't think that women in their thirties can't afford to wear hot clothes, they just do it differently. Based on age, adjust the overall image as well. A 35-year-old babydoll looks ridiculous and ridiculous, and an eighteen-year-old vamp woman is perplexing.

Step 3

If a fashionable novelty does not decorate your figure and flaunts flaws, give it up. Let all your girlfriends flaunt in such outfits, what really suits you is more important to you.

Step 4

Just as it is not recommended to use several bright colors in clothes at the same time, it is not worth mixing several different styles. Stick to one thing - the main one, and add details or accessories to it depending on the situation. Even the strictest business style on the first date can be diluted with something romantic.

Step 5

Wear your chosen hotties correctly. For example, ripped jeans should not be worn over tights, no matter how cold you are. Remember this.

Step 6

Remember the unforgettable Ellochka the man-eater and follow her example. She may be funny in the book, but choosing a worthy object as an imitation, she did the right thing. If you do not feel that you are able to choose fashionable clothes yourself with taste, be guided by the choice of famous personalities. Among the recognized style icons, there is sure to be one whose image is closest to you.

Step 7

Follow the fashion shows. Notice what the models are wearing. It doesn't matter that it looks shocking on the catwalk or in a fashion magazine. It is enough to slightly reduce the tension, reduce the size of the neckline, lengthen the skirt a little, and the whole outfit will look great in everyday life.

Step 8

Don't forget about a sense of proportion. If you don't want to be considered a freak, it's better to be under- than too much on you. In the end, the image is created by the details. So it's better to dilute the classic outfit with a trendy accessory.

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