What Dresses Go To Full Girls

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What Dresses Go To Full Girls
What Dresses Go To Full Girls

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Video: What Dresses Go To Full Girls
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With the right choice of clothes, a curvy girl can easily outshine any "skinny" girl. The dress, like no other outfit, will help to do this, because with its help you can favorably emphasize your advantages and hide flaws.

What dresses go to full girls
What dresses go to full girls


Step 1

Dresses in the Greek style, the so-called Empire style, due to the peculiarities of the cut, are ideal for girls in the body, because favorably emphasize the main advantage of overweight women - their magnificent bust. The free flying hem of this dress hides problem areas, belly and hips, hiding them in beautiful folds of fabric.

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In the wardrobe of every self-respecting lady, there should be a sheath dress in the body. It looks laconic, yet elegant, giving a powerful figure a more graceful and stylish look. These dresses are always popular due to their versatility. But, it should be borne in mind that in order for them to emphasize the merits and hide the flaws of the figure, they must sit perfectly. Sheath dress will be appropriate in any setting - be it an office, theater or restaurant. It goes well with various jackets, jackets and coats. With such a dress, heeled shoes are required.

Step 3

Wrap dresses are also good for puffy girls. They visually make the proportions of the body more correct by tightening the tummy. The V-neckline emphasizes the beautiful chest, and the belt visually stretches the silhouette, emphasizing the waist. Due to the draperies, such a dress will hide all the excesses, plus everything, it looks very feminine. The fabric for this wardrobe item can be very diverse, for example, silk, knitwear, jeans or cotton.

Step 4

Bustier dresses give the opportunity to show off the bust and attractive shoulder line while tightening the belly. But they are not recommended to be worn by owners of too full hands.

Step 5

Tunic dresses will never lose their relevance in the fashion world. This is probably the most practical model. Thanks to the loose fit, this dress covers the flaws of the figure. It is best for appetizing girls to choose mid-thigh-length models with a high waistline. They are worn with tight tights or leggings, tight trousers. The tunic dress looks very nice with dark straight trousers. It can be indispensable for going to the beach, for a walk or a party.

Step 6

The balloon dress is ideal for girls with lush hips and protruding tummy. It is lightweight and comfortable to wear. Such a dress is absolutely universal - it can be found both in offices and at parties.

Step 7

Dresses for obese girls should be selected not only by cut, but also by color. For a full figure, plain or small-patterned fabrics are better suited than bright ones with a large print. Keep in mind that cool and dark tones visually decrease volume, while light and warm tones increase. Also look out for any cheerful colors with a vertical pattern. In summer, bright colors are appropriate, so dresses of mint, sunny, red and yellow shades will look good.

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