How To Eat To Be Slim

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How To Eat To Be Slim
How To Eat To Be Slim

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Video: How To Eat To Be Slim
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To get a beautiful figure, you do not need to go on a rigid diet. It is enough to eat a balanced diet, eating healthy foods and only occasionally allowing yourself gastronomic excesses. The basis of the diet should be cereals, vegetables and fruits, as well as fresh meat, fish and dairy products. The main thing is not to exceed the number of calories recommended for your physical condition and lifestyle.

How to eat to be slim
How to eat to be slim


Step 1

Assess your own figure. Fit girls, athletes with a strong physique and fragile asthenic young ladies should eat differently. Do not try to bring your body closer to an unattainable ideal - focus on what nature has given you.

Step 2

Analyze your food preferences. If you love meat, you do not need to switch to a plant-based diet - it will be a real torment for your body. Just replace fatty semi-finished products and sausages with boiled or baked veal, turkey or chicken. If you cannot live without sweets, instead of caramel and chocolate bars, eat dried fruits and natural high-quality chocolate.

Step 3

Make a menu for every day. Consider all meals - nutritionists recommend eating at least 4 times a day. Eat a hot drink and cereal for breakfast, such as a roll, toast, or porridge. For lunch, be sure to eat soup and salad, and for dinner, leave proteins - meat, fish or poultry with a side dish or herbs. Do not forget about an afternoon snack - in the middle of the day you can have a snack with yogurt, natural cottage cheese, vegetables or fruits.

Step 4

Limit portions. Nutritionists claim that most people eat too much without noticing it. A piece of meat on your plate should not be larger than a cigarette pack, and a side dish should not exceed 2/3 cup volume. Skip the usual three-course meal - two meals are enough for one meal, such as soup and a drink.

Step 5

Allow yourself small digressions. If you really want to eat a piece of cake or kebab, do not deny yourself the pleasure. However, such self-indulgence should not be allowed more often than once a week. Do not try to correct the food retreat by subsequent fasting - it is enough to adhere to the usual diet.

Step 6

Drink more. Start your day with a glass of pure, still water and end with a soothing herbal tea. Soups, freshly squeezed juices diluted with water, unsweetened homemade fruit drinks and green tea should always be present on your table. Eliminate packaged juices, sodas, and sugar in tea and coffee. Avoiding these foods will help you save a lot of calories and protect you from various diseases like diabetes.

Step 7

Connect physical activity. If you are physically active, you can afford about 2,200 calories per day. The exact count depends on your age and physique. At rest, the diet cannot exceed 1700 calories - excess inevitably leads to obesity. To eat normally and maintain your figure, walk more, ride a bike, visit the pool and fitness room.