Why Is It Bad To Be Fat

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Why Is It Bad To Be Fat
Why Is It Bad To Be Fat

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Video: Why Is It Bad To Be Fat
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The number of obese people is increasing every year. The statistics are also unpleasant because the “replenishment of the ranks” is mainly due to the younger generation. But being overweight is the source of many physical and psychological problems. No wonder doctors say that being fat is bad.

Why is it bad to be fat
Why is it bad to be fat

Being overweight is a surefire way to ruin your health

Modern adults and children do not become fat immediately. The process of fat accumulation occurs gradually, transforming a beautiful body into a shapeless mass almost imperceptible to its owner. First, you buy pants one size larger, then two. After a while, you realize that you've gotten pretty fat.

If you are comfortable in a new body, you do not feel pressure from the outside, it seems that you can not notice the pounds that have appeared. However, they will soon become the cause of many diseases that will greatly shorten life expectancy. It has already been proven: fat people live 1, 5 times less than a person of normal build.

Overweight in children is especially dangerous. Do not comfort yourself with hopes that the child will "outgrow", "stretch out", "he will correct himself in the future." Teach him and yourself to follow the principles of healthy eating and love active rest.

Excess weight negatively affects musculoskeletal functions. At the same time, there is a strong load on the veins, lungs, shortness of breath appears, the legs and body are covered with a cyanotic mesh. These aspects negatively affect your mobility, appearance and lifestyle.

Further, the problems begin to be more serious. An increase in blood pressure (hypertension) occurs, and the risk of heart disease increases. The body wears out faster. Studies have shown that overweight 40-year-olds often have hearts about twice their age. And even insignificant obesity increases your possibility of personal acquaintance with diabetes mellitus several times.

Thus, with a change in body parameters, serious transformations take place in the internal organs. They have to spend a lot of resources to ensure your livelihood. You, on the other hand, are not giving them any help. Lack of exercise and healthy food will gradually shorten your life.

Psychological component and measures

Hysteria about slender beauties is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Focusing on today, glossy publications do not place photos of too thin girls, but in fashion icons they acquire rounded shapes. Models “size plus” are becoming more and more popular. Thus, a fat person ceases to feel like an outcast, decides that the world is adjusting to him and nothing needs to be changed.

At the other extreme are those whose environment consists of slim, sport-loving people. In this situation, a complete person, not receiving the necessary support, will feel their dissimilarity. The result of the fight against excess weight can be bad and develop into anorexia or bulimia.

Young people are especially unstable in this case. Feeling the pressure of lovers of a healthy lifestyle, overweight teenagers try to get in good shape as quickly as possible, choosing drastic measures.

To get rid of excess mass should be gradually. Keep in mind that the longer the process takes, the stronger the result will be. Only a gradual weight loss will help you regain health and a beautiful body forever.

Well-known nutritionists do not recommend going on any kind of diet. A healthy diet is the best choice. Try to start by following two simple rules. First, give up four types of foods: flour (everything that contains flour), sweet (when there is sugar in the composition), potatoes and white rice.

Second, start moving. Walk about 3-6 kilometers daily, gradually increasing the distance. Please note that you do not need to run. Walking at a fast pace will be enough. By strictly following these rules, you will quickly notice the first changes in your body, health and mood.