The Most Effective Type Of Hair Removal

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The Most Effective Type Of Hair Removal
The Most Effective Type Of Hair Removal
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Women have started getting rid of unwanted hair since ancient times. Smooth skin is a sign of grooming today. Progress does not stand still, and several effective methods have now been developed to remove hair for a long time.

The most effective type of hair removal
The most effective type of hair removal

Photoepilation - light hair removal

During the photoepilation procedure, the hairs are irradiated with bright flashes of light. The light reacts with melanin, the hair pigment, and heats the hairs to very high temperatures. Due to this, the hair and its follicles are destroyed. To protect the skin from burns, a special gel is applied to it, but tanning increases the risk of damage to the skin. Therefore, it is better to come to the procedure in winter and before the solarium and trips to the south. There is painful sensation from the procedure, but not the same as when using the epilator. After the first session, about 40% of the hair falls out, the rest becomes thinner. For optimal results, you need to go through 5-7 procedures.

The disadvantages of photoepilation include its high cost. One flash costs 100-300 rubles, you have to do several dozen flashes per session.

Electrolysis is an effective but painful way

During electrolysis, a thinnest needle with an electrode is inserted into the bulb of each hair, through which an electric current is supplied. This destroys the bulb, causing the hair to gradually fall out. Since each hair needs to be processed, the procedure is done rather slowly - you will have to go through about 12 sessions. A session can only be held once a month. Electrolysis is also very painful, but after it the hair disappears forever.

Laser hair removal - the latest technology in the beauty industry

This procedure is carried out using a laser - high density light. Just like with photoepilation, the hair heats up and breaks down. Laser hair removal is less painful, which sets it apart from other types. However, you need to treat it with caution if you have a fresh tan, pronounced scars, as well as some diseases - diabetes mellitus, dermatitis, infectious diseases. Laser hair removal sessions must be repeated every 1-3 months throughout the year.

Light or red hair is hardly removed by laser.

Elos epilation - a symbiosis of photo and electrolysis

This procedure is based on the simultaneous exposure to flashes of light and electricity. A special device acts on the hair with a current, and the dense light directs the current exactly into the hair. This type of hair removal has practically no contraindications and is less painful than photo and electrolysis. To achieve the effect, you need to visit the salon about 12 times - once a month. The procedure has conflicting reviews. Someone quickly got rid of their hair, but for someone this type of hair removal did not help at all.

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