What Are The Most Effective Methods Of Hair Removal

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What Are The Most Effective Methods Of Hair Removal
What Are The Most Effective Methods Of Hair Removal
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Epilation - removal of unwanted hairs from various parts of the body. There are many variations of this procedure. The effectiveness of a particular method of hair removal is largely determined by the personal needs and preferences of a woman.

What are the most effective methods of hair removal
What are the most effective methods of hair removal

Home hair removal methods

The most common way to remove excess hair is shaving. Its undoubted advantage is availability, ease of use, absence of pain and allergic reactions. The disadvantages of this procedure are that the cut hairs grow back quickly, and the shaving has to be repeated almost daily.

Depilatory creams contain special substances that soften the hair structure, after which they can be easily removed by rubbing the skin with a sponge. This method of hair removal is also painless, but the components of the cream can severely dry the skin and cause an allergic reaction. After the procedure, the hairs also grow back rather quickly.

Removing excess vegetation with a household epilator keeps skin smoother for 2-3 weeks. The device pulls out hairs with small tweezers, which can be very painful. After such epilation, the problem of ingrown hairs often occurs.

Removing vegetation with wax is a procedure available at home and beauty salons. Liquid wax is applied to the skin, strips of paper are pressed against it and removed with a sharp motion against hair growth. The skin remains smooth for 3-4 weeks. This procedure is slightly less painful than using a household epilator. Ingrown hairs may also appear after it.

Epilation using hardware cosmetology methods

These procedures are performed in a beauty salon or clinic using special equipment. They are all aimed at completely stopping hair growth by destroying hair follicles.

Electrolysis involves inserting an electrode into the hair follicles. Complete hair removal is achieved within 3-5 sessions. This method is quite painful, and each session of the procedure lasts more than an hour. It takes a long time for the damaged skin to heal. The appearance of age spots and ingrown hairs is possible.

Laser hair removal is the irradiation of an area of ​​the skin with high power radiation. As a result, the follicles of dark hairs are destroyed by heat. Complete disposal of vegetation is achieved after 3-4 sessions. The procedure is painless and has a minimal risk of infection. It is suitable exclusively for people with fair skin and dark body hair. In addition, laser hair removal can cause age spots and small scars.

Photoepilation is similar in principle to laser hair removal. Only instead of heat exposure, the follicles are exposed to intense light radiation. This procedure is less traumatic. It allows you to completely get rid of excess vegetation in 3-4 sessions. The disadvantages of this method of hair removal are the high cost and the fact that it is suitable mainly for those with dark hair.

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