How To Reduce Pain Before Using The Epilator

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How To Reduce Pain Before Using The Epilator
How To Reduce Pain Before Using The Epilator
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The vast majority of girls remove excess hairs not only in the armpits, but also on the legs, in the bikini area and even on the pubis. The razor gives only a short-term result, and the vegetation from it only grows stronger. For a more effective removal, an electric epilator is used.

How to reduce pain before using the epilator
How to reduce pain before using the epilator


  • - spray "Lidocaine";
  • - ampoules "Lidocaine";
  • - ointment "Menovazin";
  • - Emla cream;
  • - ice;
  • - cold damp towel;
  • - alcohol.


Step 1

Naturally, when buying a device, everyone is interested in how to make hair removal painless. If you have not already purchased an epilator, choose the model with thinned discs. Pulling out fewer hairs is less painful. You can also use a massage or cooling nozzle and a nozzle that presses the skin, preventing it from rising with the hair.

Step 2

If you already have a device and it is not equipped with such attachments, folk recipes will help to reduce the sensitivity before epilation. In principle, you can mimic the action of the attachments by pulling your hand over the hair growth, pressing a cold wet towel to your feet, or lightly massaging them before the procedure to improve blood circulation. But steaming the skin is not worth it. While this will make the pulling easier and therefore less painful, it will be more difficult to grasp the hairs.

Step 3

To reduce pain during epilation, it is worth considering that the procedure cannot be performed during menstruation. It is better to start the session on the third day of the new cycle and do hair removal between four and six o'clock in the afternoon.

Step 4

It is optimal to remove hairs 0.5 cm long. If you grow them longer, epilation will cause more discomfort.

Step 5

Some girls, to make hair removal painless, drink 50 g of brandy before the procedure. The method is effective, but it is better if the session is conducted by someone else. Alcohol can disrupt coordination. In general, you should not risk it, but simply rub the skin with alcohol - evaporating, it cools and relieves pain.

Step 6

Cosmetologists in salons, in order to reduce sensitivity before epilation, treat the necessary areas with a solution of "Lidocaine". This spray can also be used at home. It is necessary to spray it on the skin and wait 3-5 minutes. When the pain threshold is reduced, you can start the procedure for hair removal with wax, electric or mechanical epilator. With a very high pain threshold and epilation of hypersensitive areas, for example, the bikini area, injections of "Lidocaine" are made.

Step 7

Also, Menovazin ointment will help reduce pain during epilation. This local pain reliever is used for muscle pain, neuralgia and joint pain. It can be used for epilation only after consulting a doctor. "Menovazin" is good because it relieves irritation and itching, which often accompany the hair removal procedure.

Step 8

Emla cream is considered a more gentle anesthesia. True, it will take more than an hour to wait for the effect of anesthesia.

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