How To Dress With A Full Figure

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How To Dress With A Full Figure
How To Dress With A Full Figure

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Many girls and women struggle with being overweight. Some of them are on various fashionable diets, others spend all their days in gyms. In fact, you don't need to have a flawless figure to look good. It is not difficult to disguise completeness, but you need to do it wisely. The secret is to hide the parts of your body that you don't like and highlight your dignity.

How to dress with a full figure
How to dress with a full figure


Step 1

Remember, the choice of outfit depends not only on your physique, but also on your mood. Correctly selected clothes and accessories will help you mask all the flaws in your figure so that many will not even think that you have extra pounds.

Step 2

Never get carried away with bright colors when choosing clothes. Try not to choose fabrics with large, crisp patterns, checks and flowers. Such a drawing will only add completeness to your figure. Buy items with a narrow vertical stripe.

Step 3

Wear solid color clothing. It is desirable that the color is dark: black, blue or brown. Dark clothing visually reduces the figure.

Step 4

With a full figure, you should not wear too tight clothes. In this case, each fold will stand out very strongly. But it is also not worth getting carried away with too loose outfits. They will give you extra volume and will hang like a bag on your body.

Step 5

Avoid flared trousers. They usually create an unnecessary contrast between a full booty, slender legs and a newly expanding area underneath.

Step 6

Only wear straight cut clothing. Do not forget that the variety of folds and lanterns will only add volume to your figure.

Step 7

If your arms are overweight, avoid thin knitwear and lightweight fabrics. The best option in this case would be wide, long sleeves.

Step 8

Revise your wardrobe and exclude from it all the things that are narrowed down from the top. By narrowing the silhouette, you widen your hips and widen your glutes.

Step 9

Pay attention to the skirts. The best option is an elongated skirt to the figure, but not wide, to the knee.

Step 10

Buy clothes that are exactly your size.

Step 11

Bright shoes and a handbag will also divert attention from figure flaws.

Step 12

Don't forget practicality. Clothing should be comfortable, free of movement and hygienic.

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