How To Carry Jeans

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How To Carry Jeans
How To Carry Jeans
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Jeans have become perhaps the most popular garment lately because of their versatility. However, many Russian women living in the provinces can buy good branded jeans only by ordering them via the Internet. It is then that the girls are in danger of getting jeans a little smaller than they expected. What to do in this case?

How to carry jeans
How to carry jeans


Step 1

Try squeezing into jeans. If you can't stand up, try lying down. There is nothing wrong with the fact that the jeans turned out to be tight for you and tightly fit the buttocks and thighs. The most important thing is that you can wear jeans. If you wear them, the rest is a matter of technology, as you wear them, the jeans will fit exactly on the figure. For some models, an initial very tight fit is ideal, as it allows you to achieve exactly the effect that jeans are designed for (for example, pipe jeans or skinny jeans). Squat actively while wearing jeans to speed up the wearing process.

Step 2

Iron tight jeans well.

Step 3

The situation is worse if the jeans have a high waist and the belt is too tight for you. Since the belly is too pliable to stretch the belt while wearing, the effect will be the opposite: you will experience constant squeezing. In this case, it is better to resort to this method: fasten slightly damp jeans around the perimeter of some suitable object (depending on the girth of your waist): on the back of a chair, for example, or a small dense gymnastic ball, and let the jeans dry. However, there is one exception: if the belt is cut obliquely, you will most likely not be able to stretch it.

Step 4

If you can't even put on jeans, or you can wear but can't button up, ask your friend who is a little thinner than you for help. Ask her to wear jeans for a few days. The jeans will stretch a little from socks, and it will be easier for you to put them on.

Step 5

Be prepared for the jeans that you have managed to distribute will shrink to almost their original parameters after each wash. To make it easier to put on the jeans afterwards, do it the first time, when the jeans are still slightly damp, and let them dry slightly on you. An important point is that it is not recommended to squat in wet jeans, otherwise knees will stretch on them.

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