How To Sew A Wide Belt

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How To Sew A Wide Belt
How To Sew A Wide Belt

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Fashion continues to amaze and delight women with more and more new accessories. Wide belts and belts are at the peak of popularity. Braided, leather, elastic belts, floral obi belts - there is everything for every taste and color. But, as a rule, the novelties of the season are not cheap. To pamper yourself with a new thing, it is enough to set aside a couple of hours of free time and remember the cutting and sewing courses of the school curriculum. Try to make an original accessory with your own hands.

How to sew a wide belt
How to sew a wide belt


  • - sewing machine;
  • - scissors;
  • - needles;
  • - crayons;
  • - ruler;
  • - tape measure;
  • - threads;
  • - rubber;
  • - fabric / leather;
  • - fittings.


Step 1

Wide elastic waistband. Purchase an elastic band at least 10 cm wide from the store. The wider the better. Black and white are classic options for such an accessory, but bright colors are suitable for summer and for naughty parties. You will also need a buckle: round, rectangular, with rhinestones or a cast badge of an unusual shape. There are special buckle-clasps, the fastening of which looks like clasps for jewelry, only of a very large size. Cut the elastic to the desired length, thread the edges into the buckle or buckle and secure by stitching on the sewing machine.

Step 2

Leather or suede belt with hooks. Trim two details: height - 15-18 cm, width is equal to your volume under the bust, plus 10 cm for the wrap. Sew the waistband around the perimeter, leave a small incision to turn the garment over your face. After turning it out, straighten the corners well, iron it out. Now sweep the open cut or stitch. Decorative stitching on the belt needs to be done. Sew the garment 3 mm from the edge, or using a twin needle sew the denim double stitch 5 mm from the edge. Try on the belt, mark the attachment points of the hooks with crayons - the accessory should fit snugly around the body. Sew decorative hooks and loops along the lines with reinforced threads. Metallic hooks, buttons and fasteners look great on leather belts.

Step 3

Wide obi belt. This model is successfully combined with long light dresses to the floor, a narrow bustier dress or a rough shirt for men. It all depends on the choice of fabric from which the accessory will be made. Cut two strips of fabric 2 meters long and 20 centimeters wide. Fold both pieces in half and mark the midpoints. The belt should taper at the ends, so mark a 5 cm line from each end. Draw a shallow tapering dotted line from the midpoints to the very ends. Align both parts, cut off the excess. Now sew the belt by folding the parts right side in, leaving one cut to turn the garment inside out. Iron the belt, sweep the open hole by hand. Stitch 3mm from the hem around the waistband, where you can use a variety of decorative stitches.

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