Intricate Hairstyles: A Bump Of Hair

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Intricate Hairstyles: A Bump Of Hair
Intricate Hairstyles: A Bump Of Hair

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Intricate hairstyles can be done relatively easily. A bump of hair is a versatile construction that will keep your look always fresh and elegant. A variety of bump-styling methods serve as a foundation for creativity.

Intricate hairstyles: a bump of hair
Intricate hairstyles: a bump of hair

A bump from a bun of long hair

To create such an intricate hairstyle, first wash your hair and dry it with a hair dryer. It is worth carrying a little foam along the entire length. If your hair is of medium length, use a fake ponytail to create a bump.

It is the tail that will be the basis of your hairstyle. Make it with a thin rubber band. Wrap the end of the tail around the base and secure the bump with hairpins. Such a structure can be made on the back of the head, on the crown, on the sides or below the head. The protruding ends should be straightened and fixed with varnish. If you want to add extra volume to your hairstyle, lift the hair all over the base of your head with a regular pencil.

How to make a volumetric bump

To make an intricate voluminous hairstyle, taking only your own curls at the base, is quite problematic. But if you supplement the bundle with a voluminous sock or roller, you can get a fairly original bump.

As in the first case, initially make a ponytail using a thick thin elastic band. Comb thoroughly along the entire length of the ponytail for maximum smoothness.

Attach a volume roll or cut toe to the bottom of the host, start curling the tail. Having reached the base, distribute the hair around the resulting roller, secure everything with a bulky elastic band or hairpins.

To diversify the first and second hairstyle, you can let loose strands of hair on the sides and curl them with a curling iron or straighten them using an iron.

Bump from a tourniquet

A plait bump is a fairly simple intricate hairstyle, based on a braid of long or false hair. The braid can be braided starting from the back of the head. Then assemble it around the base and secure with studs.

Alternatively, you can braid two braids and make two bumps of hair. When using hairpins decorated with beads, flowers, rhinestones or fabric, the hairstyle will take on a festive option.

Combined hair bump

The combined bump of hair is an intricate hairstyle that is made from a bun and part of the curls falls freely on the shoulders.

To create this hairstyle, make a ponytail from a piece of hair gathered at the top of your head. That is, you need to divide all the hair into two parts, collect one in a bun, and leave the other part freely falling. Loose curls can be wound with a curling iron, giving them vertical curls.

Why a bump of hair never goes out of style

A bump of hair has been built for several centuries. And this hairstyle never goes out of fashion, as it is considered universal for all occasions. Making a bump is easy enough. To create a stylish look, you do not need to visit an experienced master and a beauty salon. But, despite all the simplicity, the intricacy of such hairstyles depends only on your imagination.

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