How To Dress To Avoid Looking Gaudy

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How To Dress To Avoid Looking Gaudy
How To Dress To Avoid Looking Gaudy

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The tastefully dressed woman stands out from the crowd and attracts the attention of those around her. A well-chosen image will help make the right impression and even succeed in important negotiations. In order to look stylish and not tasteless, a number of mistakes should be avoided.

How to dress so as not to look gaudy
How to dress so as not to look gaudy

Features of the figure and color schemes in clothes

One of the main signs of a tastelessly dressed woman is the inability to choose things according to her size and type of figure. On the streets, you can often see very revealing outfits on fat young ladies. Tight mini-dresses, tops and stretch trousers look ridiculous and even vulgar on ladies with "mouth-watering" shapes.

You need to clearly know the type and characteristics of your figure and, with the help of a properly selected wardrobe, mask flaws and emphasize your merits. For example, classic trousers and a vertical striped blouse visually slim, and loose-fitting clothes make tall and thin women stylish.

In addition, clothes must be selected according to their size. If you have gained weight or lost weight, be sure to change your wardrobe.

Another important point is age-appropriateness. There is no doubt that women want to stay young as long as possible, but time takes its toll and this must be taken into account. Adult ladies look ridiculous in teenage outfits. There are a variety of beautiful and stylish items to choose from for women of elegant age.

The second mistake of ladies in making up a wardrobe is the wrong combination of colors. The taste is read by appropriate and well-chosen color combinations.

The rainbow looks beautiful in the sky, but not on a woman. Lovers of bright colors should remember that there should be no more than three colors in an outfit. The desire to dress according to the principle "the brighter the better" is a clear sign of a lack of good taste and style in clothes.

In the past, there is a rule - "a bag and shoes of the same color". According to modern trends, it is better to choose things of different shades. For example, a bright dress can be shaded with neutral shoes and vice versa.

Master the rules of drawing up harmonious color schemes and combine only shades that are combined with each other.

Don't overuse risky prints and patterns. Leopard prints, large floral designs, geometric patterns and flashy neon colors should be used with extreme care.

Overly bright image

"I will wear all the best at once!" - such a motto with a head gives out bad taste in a lady. The abundance of jewelry, bijouterie or vibrant prints makes a woman look like a Christmas tree. It is allowed to use several sets of jewelry in an image at once only if they are correctly selected and made in the same style.

You need to carefully use gold and silver things, rhinestones, sequins and sequins. In inept hands, such a combination can "reduce the cost" and make even an initially good outfit ridiculous and vulgar.

Overloaded with accents and details, an image is also considered gaudy. Minimalism and laconicism look more solid and noble than the philistine "many-expensive-rich".

Fashion victim

Another sign of bad taste is outdated and unfashionable clothing in a woman's wardrobe. This is especially true of things that were once at the height of fashion. Typically, these trends are short-lived, but their presence in the image immediately "catches the eye." It is not necessary to follow the latest trends in the fashion world, but you need to know the general direction. If you don't have time or are not interested in "chasing fashion", stick to stylish classics with a modern twist. The main thing is an impeccable cut and good materials.

A serious sign of bad taste is an outfit that does not match the situation.For example, it is unacceptable to wear a tracksuit for a gala reception or a trip to the theater, and a bright mini dress with sequins in the office. Each look should be appropriate and carefully thought out. Formal business suits are suitable for office work, and long evening dresses on the floor are good for social events and red carpet events.

Be sure to monitor the appearance and quality of things. A stylish lady cannot walk in wrinkled and dirty clothes. Make sure your underwear is not visible from under your clothes. Showing off your underwear to others is one of the most screaming signs of bad taste.

Try to choose things from natural quality fabrics. Better to have a modest but decent wardrobe than a bunch of synthetic consumer goods.

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