How To Sew An Earflap

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How To Sew An Earflap
How To Sew An Earflap

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Everyone knows the immutable truth that a woman loves with her ears. Therefore, dear ladies, let us protect and cover our ears, let us not succumb to the temptations to show ourselves in all its glory in the spring sun. The March winds are damp and cold. And such a wardrobe item as a hat with earflaps will warm your ears and emphasize beauty.

How to sew an earflap
How to sew an earflap


  • - scissors
  • - paper
  • - tape measure
  • - crayon or pencil
  • - threads


Step 1

Choose a fabric. The more original and abstract the pattern on the hat turns out, the more irresistible and unique you will look. However, do not forget that our main goal is to keep our ears warm, so choose the fabric that is still thick enough, but not very thick.

Step 2

Measure the circumference of your head with a measuring tape, divide the resulting length by 6 (if your hat is a six-piece). Measure the height-depth of the intended hat.

Step 3

On a piece of paper, set aside a segment equal to the width of 1 wedge, from the middle of the segment draw a perpendicular line equal to the height of your cap.

Step 4

Connect the top to the bottom. You should now have a triangle. Make the sides more convex. This is necessary so that the cap does not bulge on the head, but fits in shape.

Step 5

Place the pattern on the wrong side of the prepared fabric, circle. Make allowances for seams - from 1 to 1.5 cm. Cut a wedge according to the pattern. Draw and cut out the other 5 wedges in the same way.

Step 6

Arrange the cut wedges in pairs and sew them with the right sides facing each other.

Step 7

Sweep the resulting 3 parts together. All vertices must coincide at 1 point. Make sure that the product does not turn out to be crooked.

Step 8

Try on the resulting hat. At this stage, eliminate all irregularities, curvature. If the hat is a little tight, leave a little less space for the seam, change the width of the basting. Sew all seams with a typewriter.

Step 9

Draw a pattern for the ears. To do this, use a measuring tape, a piece of paper, and a pencil again. Cut out 4 parts of the ears according to the template and sew in pairs. If you use a tie, then put a ribbon or lace between the front parts of the ears, so that the tip is visible. Sew the seams, turn the parts out to the right side.

Step 10

Baste the ears to the inside of the beanie. Cut out the wedge pattern (0.5 cm narrower) and sew a lining for your earflaps. Baste gently, then type-stitch.

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