How To Use A Hair Roller

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How To Use A Hair Roller
How To Use A Hair Roller

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If your hair is not too thick or very long, try volumizing your hair using special rollers. With the help of these simple tools, you can perform quite complex hairstyles that can change your look in a matter of minutes.

How to use a hair roller
How to use a hair roller


  • - ready-made hair roller;
  • - natural or artificial hair;
  • - socks or knee-highs;
  • - hair net;
  • - hairpins;
  • - hair bands.


Step 1

Get a hair roller. It can be found in one of the shops that sell hairdressing supplies. If you failed to find this device, do not despair. You can make a roller yourself from scrap materials.

Step 2

Having thought of making a hair roller on your own, choose the design that is most suitable for you. The roller can be flat. It is usually simply put under the hair and masked with natural hair. This cushion-like roller is very easy to use and easy to use. You can make a roller in the shape of a ring. It is most often used in various combinations with "tails" and "tails" of different lengths.

Step 3

To make a flat roller, take a bun of natural or artificial hair, connect it with a regular elastic band and comb through it. From the resulting mass, form a semblance of a pillow, which should then be placed in the hairnet, reinforcing and sewing the inlet at the mesh. Such a roller is usually used to shape hairstyles on especially special occasions.

Step 4

To make a ring-shaped roller, take two terry socks or golf socks and cut off each toe. Turn out the rest of the product, forming a kind of "donut" out of it. Now insert the rolled blank inside another sock or golf course, continuing to turn the future roller. In this case, the diameter of the "donut" will increase, and the hole inside it will become smaller.

Step 5

Create a romantic and beautiful hairstyle using, for example, a ring-shaped roller. Comb through your hair first, making sure to add volume to it. Now tie the “tail” with an elastic band. Put the roller ring on the “tail”. Put the second elastic over the roller and your hair.

Step 6

Straighten all the strands so that the roller is not visible. Spread loose hair that is not involved in the hairstyle on the sides, braiding each part into a separate braid. Now wrap the braids around the resulting knot and attach them with hairpins. Fix the resulting hairstyle with hairspray.

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