How Can A Short Man Make Himself Taller?

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How Can A Short Man Make Himself Taller?
How Can A Short Man Make Himself Taller?

Video: How Can A Short Man Make Himself Taller?

Video: How Can A Short Man Make Himself Taller?
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A short man does not mean ugly. A short man with good manners and impeccable taste is doomed to success with the beautiful half of humanity! How to appear taller, slimmer? How do you get everyone to ignore short stature?

How can a short man make himself taller?
How can a short man make himself taller?

There is a widespread belief that women prefer tall men. It is a myth. Men of short stature, but who know how to present themselves correctly, as a rule, enjoy no less success with their fair sex than their tall brothers.

Some women admit that they feel more confident in the company of shorter men. And in secret, many say that short men are usually great lovers.

How to give, if not ideal, then an intriguing look, to a man who "did not come out tall"? A few small tricks will help a small man look his best.


The main thing for a short man is to have good correct posture. The habit of keeping your back straight, your head elevated, and your shoulders straight should become second nature. Slouching will instantly take away a few centimeters from his height, and visually a stooped short man gives the impression of a squishy loser. Posture will not make, of course, higher physically, but it will help to give the impression of a person who is confident in himself. Confidence is a quality that women value highly in men.

Long hairstyles are not recommended for short men. It is much better if the haircut is short, neat, refined, and it is better to cut the hair at the temples shorter, leaving as lush hair as possible at the top. Do not skimp by choosing a cheaper hairdresser, a short man must have the best hairdresser!


A short man should be especially careful when choosing clothes. The main condition is elegance and perfection. A short man must have a great tailor! Things should fit perfectly on it, be fitted to the figure.

Clothes should not be loose, long - otherwise the man will look like a touching gnome. For the same reason, you shouldn't wear long, knee-length coats. For short men, jackets with a tight-fitting silhouette, a coat, preferably single-breasted, up to the tip of a hand hanging down, are more suitable. You should not wear too bright things on yourself. It is better to prefer restrained colors, and to choose clothes "to match", playing with lighter or darker shades of the same color. Preferably dark colors should be chosen: blue, dark gray, black.

It is better to choose shoes to match the color of the trousers - this visually lengthens the legs. The length of the trousers should be sufficient so that the socks of the shoes are not visible. When choosing a belt for trousers, contrasts should be avoided. Under no circumstances should you wear horizontal striped clothing! On the contrary, vertical patterns of the "herringbone" type and light thin stripes on a dark background "deceive" the eyes of others, adding a few centimeters to the height of a man. Another little trick is the shoulder pads for jackets. The shoulders will look more powerful, the waist will be narrower, and the V-shape of the silhouette will make the short man proportional and athletic. A short man has no right to save money on a suit: the suit should look expensive and elegant, like the objects in the man's hands: a pipe, a cigarette case, a purse, a bag, a pen - all this should be extremely elegant and expensive … An excellent option for a short man is a frock coat, even better - "C" with a frock coat. Expensive, mysterious, exquisite. The more expensive clothes and accessories look, the more confidence, authority and strength a man radiates, and in the eyes of those around him, this automatically makes him "taller".


A short man needs to be especially careful about his body. The abdomen will highlight the deficiencies in growth. Working out in the gym, you should "pump up" primarily the upper body in order to be fit and athletic. Taking care of your appearance should be heightened. But even more important is the ability to behave in such a way that those around them feel authority, restraint, and at the same time - openness and sincerity. A short man must be smart. Intelligence, erudition, wit, bright expressive speech, insight, a sense of humor - all this must be present in the personality, and those around them simply will not pay attention to the short stature, fascinated by the magic of the personality.