How To Choose Winter Clothes

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How To Choose Winter Clothes
How To Choose Winter Clothes

The most desirable option for winter clothing, at least for women, is a fur coat made of natural fur. This purchase is usually expensive, so you need to take it seriously.

How to choose winter clothes
How to choose winter clothes


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The main thing in a fur coat is the quality of the dressing of the skins. If the skins rustle like paper, this can lead to rapid deformation of the thing or even to tears. Also pay attention to the quality of the dyeing of the fur. To do this, rub the fur with a white handkerchief or napkin - no colored streaks should be visible. Be sure to "pinch" the fur coat and estimate how many hairs are left in your hands. The fur coat should not "shed" if you keep more than 2-3 hairs, this may indicate irregularities in the process of dressing the hide.

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A more affordable winter clothing is a sheepskin coat. When choosing a sheepskin coat, the same rules apply as when choosing a fur coat. Firstly, the material of the sheepskin coat should not rustle. Secondly, it must be painted with high quality. Thirdly, pay attention to the quality of the pile inside the product: the pile should be of medium length and uniform throughout the sheepskin coat; bald patches are not allowed.

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The down jacket is the undoubted leader among winter clothing. This is due, on the one hand, to its practicality and availability, and on the other hand, to good frost resistance. But when choosing a down jacket, you should remember a few rules. Pay attention to the inner content. It can be down with a combination of feathers, synthetic winterizer, fireteck or other insulation.

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The materials from which the down jacket and its lining are made are also important. Natural fabrics have an undoubted advantage here. Examine the seams and fittings of the down jacket carefully. The seams must be windproof and the fittings must be of good quality and well secured. The style of the jacket is also important: it is best to choose models with a length below the waist of a free cut. Such a down jacket will protect you from the winds, and in severe frost you can wear a thick sweater under it.

These simple tips for choosing winter clothes will help you meet even the harshest winter fully armed!

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