How To Choose A Winter Tracksuit

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How To Choose A Winter Tracksuit
How To Choose A Winter Tracksuit

Video: How To Choose A Winter Tracksuit

Video: How To Choose A Winter Tracksuit
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In winter, not only bears hibernate, many people also sit in their "den", preferring not to stick their nose out in the cold, not walking, not jogging in the morning, reducing their physical activity to a minimum, so they often gain excess weight during the winter. But the cold is not a reason to forget about a healthy lifestyle, and in winter there are new opportunities for sports. Skates, skis, snowmobiles - everything is at your disposal, the main thing is to choose the right winter tracksuit.

How to choose a winter tracksuit
How to choose a winter tracksuit


Step 1

To choose a tracksuit for winter, decide what sports you will do. Winter tracksuits are divided into those designed for alpine skiing, cross-country skiing and snowboarding.

Step 2

In addition, in order to choose a tracksuit for the winter, consider yourself one of the categories into which you can conditionally divide people according to the severity of their passion for sports: "advanced", amateur, "resting". For the "advanced" sports achievements come first, while for the "resting" classes are just an excuse for "outings". Carry out a similar "division" in order not to overpay for expensive equipment, if a suit "no pretensions" is enough for you. For intensive workouts, clothes are sewn as lightweight as possible, for amateurs - free cut, and for "resting" the emphasis is on insulation.

Step 3

When planning to choose a winter tracksuit, keep in mind that the price for it will depend on the brand and the name of the manufacturer. Therefore, if you are going to show off at some fashionable ski resort, you can choose a suit by appearance, but if your main goal is training, you can get by with an attractive color by choosing a suit from one of the brands specializing in sportswear.

Step 4

When buying a sports suit for winter, pay attention to such parameters of the fabric (membrane) as water resistance and vapor permeability. Water resistance is the amount of water that a fabric can hold (indicated in millimeters of water). Vapor permeability is also the amount of liquid, but already that which one square meter of fabric can pass in a day. You need to choose the parameters depending on the intended training regimes. For a moderate exercise regimen, choose the following parameters: water resistance - 5000 mm, steam resistance - 5000 sq.m. / 24 hours. The higher the indicators, the warmer and more comfortable you will be, but the price of a winter tracksuit will increase.

Step 5

Insulation plays an important role in a tracksuit for winter. Choose thin and light. To maintain a constant body temperature, some companies use a special wax membrane technology that stores heat during workouts, and gives it back in between classes. Give preference to such models if you are planning a measured pace of skiing.

Step 6

If we talk about the details of the cut of a winter tracksuit, choose models with contoured seams and darts at the knees and elbows, as well as reinforcement of the lower hem of the trousers so that you can move freely without damaging the fabric.

Step 7

Pay attention to small details, they can add comfort. For example, the presence of dense semi-gloves cuffs will allow you to better keep warm, and you can put a ski pass, keys or other trifles in small pockets. Choose a removable hood, especially if you are riding in a helmet, and adjustable in terms of head volume. Pay attention to the zippers too. Prefer waterproof ones with taped seams. Also buy models with additional ventilation.

Step 8

Choose the size of the suit so that it does not hinder your movements if you wear a very tight sweater with thermal underwear under it. After putting on the suit, move your arms and legs with a fairly free amplitude. Pay attention to the length of the jacket, it should not "bully".

Step 9

Choose winter tracksuits only from specialized sports stores. This will keep you safe from low-quality imitations that fail to keep you dry, warm, and comfortable during your winter workouts. Check seams, logos, zippers and other hardware. It is the small details that give out low-quality things.

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