How To Choose The Size Of The Jacket

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How To Choose The Size Of The Jacket
How To Choose The Size Of The Jacket

Video: How To Choose The Size Of The Jacket

Video: How To Choose The Size Of The Jacket
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To choose the size of the jacket and enjoy a successful purchase for a long time, you need to know your main volumes. With this information, you can easily choose your outerwear.

How to choose the size of the jacket
How to choose the size of the jacket


  • - measuring tape;
  • - the Internet.


Step 1

Focus on the Russian size so that the jacket fits you well. It is based on the size of half the girth of the chest. You also need to know your height, waist and hips.

Step 2

If your measurements are not within the same parameter, then when choosing a jacket, do not buy a larger size, because outerwear, as a rule, is sewn with sufficient allowances for freedom of movement.

Step 3

Be sure to keep in mind that American sizes are looser than European and Russian sizes. For example, the American size of a denim jacket "M" is commensurate with the Russian 48-52. Therefore, when buying an American jacket, round the size down.

Step 4

Use the classifier when buying an imported item. Almost all stores have tables where the Russian size can be easily converted to the standards of European, American and Asian manufacturing companies. You can also use the classifier and see in advance what size you should be guided by when buying, for example, a German jacket, on the Internet by visiting the corresponding website.

Step 5

Try to choose a jacket according to your height. Her sleeves should be moderately long and cover the wrist by about 3-5 cm. When bringing your hands together in front of you, you should feel comfortable, especially in the area of the shoulders and shoulder blades.

Step 6

Consider your waistline when choosing a short jacket. Focus on hip girth if your jacket has a narrow cut.

Step 7

If you decide to buy a jacket from a company that has a website on the Internet, or use the services of an online store, then see what useful information they offer their customers to read. It can relate to sizes, their definition and the optimal selection of purchased items. Follow these tips for a successful purchase.

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