How To Clean Nubuck Boots

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How To Clean Nubuck Boots
How To Clean Nubuck Boots

Video: How To Clean Nubuck Boots

Video: How To Clean Nubuck Boots

Nubuck boots look very smart. Plus, they're warmer than smooth leather shoes. But they also have drawbacks - without proper care, new boots quickly take on an untidy look. How can you clean them so as to keep them in perfect condition for as long as possible?

How to clean nubuck boots
How to clean nubuck boots


  • - rubber brush;
  • - eraser for nubuck and suede;
  • - coloring spray;
  • - deodorant for shoes;
  • - water-repellent spray impregnation.


Step 1

It is necessary to start taking care of new boots from the first day of purchase. Don't wait for your shoes to get dirty - take preventive measures. Before the first walk in new boots, treat them with a water-repellent impregnation. Spray the product carefully, without bringing the can too close to the surface to be treated to avoid stains. This procedure should be repeated from time to time. Spray treatment will protect the shoes from salt stains and getting wet.

Step 2

Purchase special care products - a soft rubber brush, a special cleaning eraser, paint spray to refresh the color. Choose only those preparations on the packaging of which it is indicated that they can be used for suede and nubuck.

Step 3

Soiled boots must be dried first. When you start cleaning a damp surface, you only rub in the dirt even deeper. After drying, brush off the dust with a stiff brush.

Step 4

Wipe the heels and welt of the boots with a damp soft cloth. Be careful not to hit the edge of the skin.

Step 5

Take a rubber brush and start brushing the boot, brushing it in different directions. Treat the oiled areas with a special eraser. Do not forget about the bootleg, especially if it has decorative metal parts - under them the pile is quickly crushed and starts to shine.

Step 6

If you are not satisfied with the result, you can try to influence the nubuck with steam. Holding the glazed area over the spout of the boiling kettle will help the fluff to straighten out and return your boots to a beautiful velvety surface.

Step 7

Hopeless stains, salt streaks and other troubles are the easiest to paint over. Never use creams designed for smooth skin. It is better to choose a special nubuck paint of a suitable shade. Apply it gently, in thin layers, and not only on the stain, but on the entire surface of the boot.

Step 8

If your shoes have contrasting soles, seal them with paper tape first. Please note - shoe paint is very durable. Be careful not to get it on clothing and furniture.

Step 9

The finishing touch is the processing of the inside. Unbutton your boot and sprinkle shoe deodorant into your heel and toe. Leave the boot to dry.

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