How To Decorate A Sheepskin Coat

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How To Decorate A Sheepskin Coat
How To Decorate A Sheepskin Coat

Video: How To Decorate A Sheepskin Coat

Video: How To Decorate A Sheepskin Coat
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If your old sheepskin coat has lost its luster and looks boring, there is an opportunity to give it a second birth. To do this, you need to show a little imagination, prepare the finishing elements and have a couple of free evenings.

How to decorate a sheepskin coat
How to decorate a sheepskin coat


To decorate a sheepskin coat, you will need pieces of fur, leather, suede (your choice), braid, beads, hooks or buttons, scissors, glue for gluing leather


Step 1

First you need to decide what needs to be done. If you just want to embellish a boring style a little, then you need to stock up on beads, braid or dense fabric for applique. If you also need to slightly hide the abrasions of sleeves, pockets or collar that have appeared, then you need to prepare pieces of fur or leather for the restoration of individual areas.

Step 2

For small defects, you can use pieces of fur on the underside of the cuffs or turn-down collar, replacing it with faux fur or suede.

Step 3

You can decorate the sheepskin coat by hemming the edge of the floor and sleeves with some fluffy fur. It is imperative to select a shade that is in harmony in color and does not look too flashy.

Step 4

A good option would be the edging of sleeves and pockets with pieces of leather or suede. To create a uniform style, you can change the eyelets, replacing them also with leather hinged ones. And pick up new big buttons for everything.

Step 5

Your sheepskin coat will be transformed if you trim it with a special braid. You just need to choose in a specialized store one that would ideally fit in structure and shade. Twisted or twisted will look good. And in this case, it is better to replace the buttons with metal hooks.

Step 6

To mask a small spot or hole in the field of a sheepskin coat, you can make an appliqué or embroidery with beads. Pieces of leather are again suitable for application, the choice of colors here is already wider. First, draw the details of the pattern on the pieces with a pencil, carefully cut. If this is a multi-layer applique (as, for example, any floral version), then fasten all the parts and carefully sew or glue on the floor. When using glue, you must be very careful, use only those that are intended for gluing the skin. Otherwise, over time, the places where the glue is applied may become coarse.

Step 7

Bead embroidery is a very laborious process, but the result is stunning. Again, before starting work, you need to carefully think over the drawing and choose the color scheme.

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