How To Buy Shoes

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How To Buy Shoes
How To Buy Shoes

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Video: How To Buy Shoes
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Shoes are a must-have for a modern woman. Casual shoes with a small, stable heel, open-toed light shoes for summer weather, or party shoes with high heels - the variety of choices makes it much more difficult to rationalize shopping.

Beige high-heeled shoes are a great option
Beige high-heeled shoes are a great option

In order to choose the right shoes for yourself, you must follow the following rules:

- to understand for what reason these shoes will be worn;

- take into account their natural data, age and social status;

- determine the price.

Determining the reason

Of course, the ideal option would be to choose a pair of shoes for yourself for all occasions - both for a feast and for the world. However, the active rhythm and lifestyle of a modern woman does not allow this. You should have several pairs of shoes today. As a rule, these are casual shoes, party shoes and light-colored open shoes for summer. Depending on which of these pairs you choose at the moment, your search circle narrows.

So, casual shoes should first of all be comfortable when walking. High heels and uncomfortable last are not suitable for her. Also, it must be minimalistic: monochromatic and without additional applications. The versatility of everyday shoes allows you to combine them with various "complex" bags, colorful dresses and other wardrobe elements.

It is not at all necessary to buy black stiletto heels "on the way out" - both the color and the model of shoes can vary depending on your natural characteristics, age and social status.

Party shoes are usually worn for a few hours, so they can be more beautiful than comfortable. Bright blondes can choose beige high-heeled shoes with a hidden platform, brunettes can choose a blue or purple stiletto heel, and redheads can make up “tasty” sets with emerald or burgundy suede shoes.

Emphasizing natural beauty

Natural data that must be taken into account are color type, contrast level and body type. For example, shoes of the wrong color can age you for several years, and the wrong heel can disfigure even the finest feet.

Patent leather shoes will not work for low to medium contrast levels. Such girls should opt for matte and suede shoes.

As for social status, some shoe models will only be appropriate at a certain age. For example, a respectable lady of sixty cannot afford to buy scarlet patent leather shoes with a heel of 13 centimeters, even if they perfectly adorn her slender legs.

Determine the price

The average price of one pair of genuine leather shoes is 3000 rubles. This is how much shoes cost in most Russian stores. If you want to find a cheaper option, then it makes sense to order shoes from foreign online stores. So, at American sales you can “grab” a pair of high-quality shoes for less than 1000 rubles. It should be remembered that there is a risk of not guessing the size or getting a product that is different from the one presented on the site.

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