How To Weave A Fish Braid

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How To Weave A Fish Braid
How To Weave A Fish Braid

Video: How To Weave A Fish Braid

Video: How To Weave A Fish Braid
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The pike-tail hairstyle, or fish braid, got its name from its resemblance to the flat, long body of a fish. Weaving can be started from the back of the head, from a gathered tail, or like a French braid from the top of the head. Any of the options will help create a new interesting image.

How to weave a fish braid
How to weave a fish braid


  • - hairbrush;
  • - scrunchy.


Step 1

Comb your hair thoroughly. In order for the fish braid to be beautiful and even, they should be easily divided into strands. Use hair conditioner as needed.

Step 2

Ponytail your hair. It's easier to learn how to weave a pike tail, after which you can try the other options - from the back of the head and from the top of the head. Run the comb through your hair again.

Step 3

Divide your hair into two equal parts, take in different hands. Start weaving a pike tail. To do this, with the index and thumb of your right hand, separate a thin strand from the half of the tail, throw it over to the left side. The curl forms a subtle bend. Now, in the same way, separate the strand from the left half and fold it over, connect it to the right side. Continue braiding until short hairs begin to break out of the braid. Try to grab the strands as close to the edges as possible.

Step 4

Secure your hair with a rubber band. Correct the pike braid if there are distortions in the weaving. If your hair is long enough, you can add volume to it by gently pulling on the curls of the curls. If the hair is short, the ends may break out and the hairstyle will look unkempt. However, stylists often use this deliberate slovenliness to create a careless and free image.

Step 5

Try braiding a flat braid from the back of your head. The technique remains the same, but you will have to work with freely falling hair. In this case, it is worth tightening the first few strands especially well, otherwise they will very quickly get out of the hairstyle.

Step 6

To create a romantic look, you can weave a fish braid from the top of your head. To do this, select part of the hair on top, divide it in half. Throw the first two curls as when creating a pike tail at the back of the head. Further, the weaving technique resembles the creation of a French braid. The side strands attached to the process are thrown together with a thin curl from right to left, then the procedure is repeated on the other side. And so on until all the hair is involved in the hairstyle. Then weaving is usually continued in the same technique or the tail is tied.

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