How To Weave A Greek Braid

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How To Weave A Greek Braid
How To Weave A Greek Braid

Video: How To Weave A Greek Braid

Video: How To Weave A Greek Braid
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The Greek braid is a very simple and stylish hairstyle that has become the most popular lately. The process of weaving a Greek braid is very similar to that of a French braid, only the braid is woven around the head. This hairstyle is called "Greek braid" for a reason, because its appearance resembles a Greek laurel wreath. At the same time, you can braid a Greek braid on almost any hair.

How to weave a Greek braid
How to weave a Greek braid


  • - hairbrush
  • - hair styling product
  • - hairpins or hairpins


Step 1

Before you start braiding your Greek braid, wash your hair very well. After that, apply any styling product to them and dry your hair a little.

Step 2

Comb your hair and select a section of hair above the left ear, now you can start weaving the braid itself. The Greek braid is woven in the same way as the most ordinary spikelet. Before starting braiding, if you have fine hair, do a little comb to the roots of the hair to give it a certain volume. This is optional. After combing, brush your hair lightly again with a massage brush so that the hair in the braid does not look shaggy. Start braiding from the top - divide your hair into three small strands. If you want to make a larger braid, take strands of greater thickness or vice versa.

Weave these 3 strands like a regular braid. The technology is simple: weave the right strand from the middle one, then weave the left strand also from the middle one.

Step 3

Next, start grabbing new strands of hair. With your right thumb, grab a small strand from below, pull this strand to the right main (very first) strand. At this time, hold the base, consisting of the left and middle strands, with your left hand. Weave the resulting large right strand of hair into a medium warp strand.

Step 4

Now repeat the same with the strands that are on the right side. With your left thumb, grab a small strand and attach it to the left strand from the base. Weave the resulting large left strand with the middle one. Repeat the braiding process until the braid reaches ear level.

Step 5

Secure the pigtail with a hairpin or hairpins behind your right ear. At the same time, the Greek braid should be hidden under your loose hair.

Step 6

The weaving of a Greek braid can always be slightly modified, for example, braid two braids from the center of the head, hiding the ends under the hair, or fasten the ends of the braids over the loose hair.

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